8 Commonly Misspelled English Words with Correct Spellings

Bonus exercise: find and fix the many mistakes in this article to practice your English.

Eight Commonly Misspelled Words

Why do people misspell words?

Mostly, for young students or language learners studying English as a second language,  spelling is adequately hard and it is quite easy, when writing, to make typos and misspelling errors.

It is very important to avoid misspelling when writing, especially in professional contexts: when people get the spelling errors in a document or an email, it will certainly give a bit of hassle to the reader or receiver.

Moreover, it is quite difficult to figure out the correct spelling or pronounce when we unconsciously write down some words without auto-correct while using a word processor to write a document, a text message or a social media post (for informal contexts).

8 Commonly misspelled words

Hence, here is a list of 8 commonly misspelled words that are usually utilized by people.

  1. Publically

Many times the word publically rather than publicly. It can be used when you want to conduct an event, whether publicly or privately.

Correct : Publicly

  1. Pharoah

Sometimes, the word pharaoh will get accidentally exchanged with pharoah. This word actually comes from the Egyptian word. Hence, the word pharaoh is one of the borrowed words that are not easy to spell.

Correct : Pharaoh

  1. Definately

Another word that usually makes people confused is definitely. People mostly spell the wrong letter by putting the letter ‘a’ rather than the ‘i’. However, to get the right one, you can remember the word ‘it’ instead of ‘at’. Afterwards, just remember that there is a letter ‘i’ for definitely, not a letter ‘a’. Practice makes you perfect at remembering the correct spelling after all.

Correct : Definitely

  1. Goverment

People usually forget to use govern to have the word ‘government’. Hence, remember to put the letter ‘n’ before the suffix -ment.

Correct : Government

  1. Seperate

It could occur to misspell separate by using separate. This word is often used in business contexts, such as telling your client or team to “separate things or emails”.

Correct : Separate

  1. Occured

This word gets confusing because you need to put the double consonants in this word. You probably know the word is just used one double consonants, so you end up with the double consonant of c and forget double consonants of the letter ‘r’. It might still occur for the present, but it will need double consonants of ‘r’ for the past one. English is confusing, indeed!

Correct : Occurred

  1. Recieve

People get confused when they put the letter ‘i’ or the ‘e’ first. But remember the rule rings of “I before E, except after C” that can be used to figure out the correct spelling of this word.

Correct : Receive

  1. Accomodate

Similar to occurred, accommodate is also need the double consonants of ‘m’. People usually put the double consonants in the letter ‘c’ and forget the other one.

Correct : Accommodate


There is a belief that the spelling errors are simply connected to the intelligence out there. But the correct spelling of words comes from practice, because English has so many rules and exceptions.

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