Anagram Finder: Play With Anagrams To Improve Your English 

Explore the magic of anagrams in our article, 'Anagram Finder.' Enhance your English effortlessly through playful word rearrangements.

Play with anagrams to improve your English

Many people avoid playing with Anagrams because it requires them to have a vast vocabulary. Little do they know that they are missing out on a ton of fun from finding new words. English is fun when you have enough vocabulary to communicate. Anagram is one popular method of learning English and in this article we will discuss anagram finder tools.

Why You Should Use an Anagram Finder

Anagrams teaches you to find new words, and at the same time it is more than just moving around letters to find new words. You can showcase your wit and quick thinking by extending or shortening the words. Being familiar with various words will also improve your communication skills whether in writing or verbal.

Tools To Help You Find Anagrams

If it’s your first time working with anagrams or looking at anagrams, you sure will feel clueless. No need to worry, there are several tools that you can use to find new words and improve your English.

1. Spelling Bee Search Engine

The first tool in this list is from the Spelling Bee’s website. It’s one of the best tools that you can use to play Anagram as it’s also very easy to do.

To use this website, go to and type the primary word you want to use. Click on search and wait for a few seconds. You will see a list of words using the same letters as your original primary word.

The list also includes a graph to show you the word frequency and difficulties. So you can always challenge yourself and see how many difficult and longer words you know. Another thing you can do on this website is take a spelling test to gauge your spelling skills.

2. Dictionary

If you think this tool is obsolete, you’re greatly mistaken. The dictionary holds all the words you need to know to play Anagram. However, it can be difficult to use when you  use one.

This method requires you to use a hardcover or paperback dictionary instead of an online one. This is because you will see more words using the same letters and fit for an anagram better when you use a printed version.

Online dictionary works as well, but you won’t have the same enjoyment of finding new words as you find the entry. Also, most online dictionaries will only provide synonyms or words with similar meanings.

3. Thesaurus

Similar to a dictionary, a Thesaurus can help you on working with Anagrams. This tool is less popular than a dictionary, yet it’s easier to use. The drawback is you need to have a better vocabulary to use a thesaurus.

The primary usage of thesaurus is finding the words with the same meaning or synonyms. When you use Thesaurus for Anagram, you can use several letters instead of the whole word.

4. WordFinder

One of the popular word games, Wordfinder offers the Anagram Solver feature for anyone who needs it. Similar to the tool from Spelling Bee, you only need to input the primary word into the search box, and you will see the result immediately. Unfortunately, since it’s part of a game, their dictionary list may be less extensive than what you need.

Games to Improve Your Vocabulary

Anagram is not the only game that can improve your English vocabulary. You also can play one or maybe all of these games to improve your words. While some games prohibit you from using an Anagram finder, you always can use them to train.

1. Crosswords

Doing puzzle games like crossword is having fun without doing much. While it may not be closely related to anagram, doing a crossword requires you to have general knowledge and a vast vocabulary. As you know, the questions in a crossword cover general knowledge of history, politics, and even trivial information. But most of the time, the questions use synonyms.

Many experts believe that doing crosswords regularly can improve your brain capacity and focus. Several medical papers even point out how an active brain can prevent dementia.

2. Wordle

In the past couple of years, the world knows Worlde and never look back. This game takes Anagram to a new level and even makes it more challenging.

Every day, you will have several boxes representing different words. You also will receive a maximum number of steps you can do that will affect your score. When you guess all the words with the last step, you will get the maximum score.

What makes Worlde interesting is that it has multiple levels. You also will receive new challenges every day so you won’t have any dull days. And if Wordle is too complicated for you, there are other games for you to improve your English vocabulary.

3. Scrabble

Who doesn’t love Scrabble? This board game is a classic and a favorite among many families. Playing Scrabble also requires you to be creative so you can create words from other player’s lines. And at the same time, place your word on the high-score tiles.

Unlike crosswords and wordle that you can play alone, playing Scrabble means you play against at least one person. If you’re too busy to hang out with your friends, you can look for online Scrabble and make new friends through the game.

4. Word Puzzle

There are too many word puzzle games to name for you to try, so it’s all down to your personal preferences. Most games already offer a multiplayer mode where you can play against other players.

The rule is similar across all games, you need to find as many words as possible from the available letters. Of course, the words must use at least three letters. As you find more words, you will gain higher and even bonus scores.

Did you know that playing Anagrams also can improve your concentration? Even when you use Anagram finder, you also must be quick on finding words, which means keeping your focus longer. At any rate, don’t forget to have a lot of fun!