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How Interactive Spelling Games Can Help Kids Accommodate Themselves with Difficult Spellings

Spelling competitions will always have difficult words. These spelling bee words are there to challenge the intellect and patience of the participants. Who practiced properly and who did not, everything can be understood by observing these difficult spelling rounds. Organizers always throw in a bunch of words with at least four or five syllables in an attempt to seek the best speller out there. Hence, the key to winning a spelling bee is to getting yourself familiar with difficult spelling words.

However, becoming the spelling bee winner by learning as many difficult words as you can is easier said than done. Only a select few spelling bee participants can achieve this amazing feat. That, however, does not mean that the rest of you cannot learn those difficult words. With a bit of practice and some special techniques, anyone can get themselves familiarized with difficult spellings.
The most traditional way to memorize difficult spellings is by reading them aloud, writing them down frequently, and then trying to recall the spellings after a certain time. This technique works flawlessly, and many spelling bee winners or top participants can vouch for it. However, it is a very boring and inefficient way to familiarize yourself with tough spelling bee words.
At present, flashcards are very effective for learning spellings. Yet, they too can feel dull at times. Besides, not everyone has the patience to prepare so many flashcards. Of course, you can always download them from the Spelling Bee Ninja website. The website has flashcards for words from different grade spelling bees.
Right now, the best way to learn and familiarize yourself with difficult spelling bee words is through interactive spelling games. A spelling bee game is just like a video game, only with spellings. Usually, the objective is to spell a given word correctly within a given time. Things get much more interesting when the game is played between multiple players.
These are educational games, something that your parents will not say no to. And while they may seem like homework, they are actually a lot fun to play, especially when you want to challenge yourself.
To give you an even better idea, here are a few ways interactive spelling games can help you learn difficult spelling bee words.

The Challenge Itself

Like multiplayer competitive gaming, online spelling games can also facilitate the challenges that kids enjoy about gaming. The entire idea behind online gaming is to allow players to enjoy themselves with others. Spelling games, like the World Spelling League by Spelling Bee Ninja, provides similar facilities where players can get together and play spelling games. It opens the platform to a global audience, and players are always eager to improve themselves just to see how they can compete against some of the best spellers in the world.

An Urge to Compete

Online gaming is competitive in nature. And that very sense of competition is what drives players to play better, improve themselves, and keep working hard so that they can outrank other players. By applying the same principles in online spelling games, you too can push yourself to the limits.
The World Spelling League from SBN provides that very opportunity. It harnesses the idea of competitive gaming, and infuses it with spelling bees. The result is a simple yet intriguing spelling game where players are judged, not on how superior their gaming gears are, or how good they are at gaming, but on their intellect. In a way, it simply takes these games and the challenges they offer, and adds an educational spin to it all.


This somewhat works like spelling flashcards that you might prepare for your spelling bees. In a spelling game, you will come across the same word repeatedly at times, which means you can familiarize yourself with it easily. The benefit here in comparison to flashcards is that you can learn and practice at the same time. In many of these games, you can progress to the next round until you are successfully able to spell the word. So you will only proceed further if you can spell the word successfully.

You Cannot Procrastinate

You know how online games require you to play at a certain time? Otherwise, both parties of players cannot come to the same spot or platform at the same time. That becomes difficult, as the entire purpose of the game is to play simultaneously.
Online educational games can use this as an advantage. Basically, you will not get the chance to procrastinate. A spelling game starts at 5 PM, means that you have to be there ready at 5. You cannot delay just because you want to.

Learn at Your Own Pace

While online spelling games are still an option, you can also take to offline or single player-mode to learn at your own pace. Here, you can set up your own spelling words, and play as you like. Whichever grade spelling bee words you want, you can select that particular set and practice. Here, you do not need to worry about the competition as you are on your own.
One advantage of using offline or single player mode is that you can even set up custom word lists. So say that you have a particular set of words you would like to practice for. You can simply prepare that list, set it up for the game, and get on with it. You will then be able to specifically practice for that set of words.

Having said all that, online spelling games are not perfect. In fact, no game is perfect, especially if they are looking to target a specific demography. There will always be flaws, but you can surely overcome those. At the end of the day, these online spelling game platforms, like the one Spelling Bee Ninja provides, are only as good as you can use them. And while problems will always be there, these games will get better over time, and people, both teachers and students, can learn to make better use of these online spelling games.