Why most people spell words wrong

Why most people spell words wrong?

Explore the reasons behind common spelling mistakes and learn effective strategies to improve your spelling skills with Spelling Bee Ninja's insightful article.

Spell words wrong is same level of danger  as the danger caused by some fatal weapons .Spell words wrong is almost a common problem but it does not mean that it cannot be cured.

People do not spell wrong consciously but depends upon the struggle related to educational background and circumstances of a situation in which a word is misspelled.

Sometime, spelling words wrong has personality damaging effect. If one spells some word wrong in front of others it is going to  make  feel him stupid in front of them.

Spelling words wrong may have different reasons behind it.

Before looking towards other reasons of wrong spelling the idea why most people spell words wrong will clearly strike to our minds if we look at the present situation of covid-19.

In this critical situation when all educational institutes put to be locked, students from toddlers to university level are being taught by online high school.

 It is beneficial somehow because it helps not to detach students from their studies but at the same time it has its drawbacks. When a student learns through that way, which is devoid of any classroom gadgets that help  student to learn properly. It becomes the cause of mistakes of most of the things including spellings of words.

At times, we feel annoyed when one spells our names wrong.
It makes people feel displeased.

People will judge you not only by physical appearance and your writing expressions but also by acoustic impression.

Some people do not spell words correctly because of the problems related to their personal health.  Like, Dyslexia which is common learning problem among people.

It cause them feel  difficulty in writing, reading and spelling. It cause people to blend sounds into words and they feel difficult to isolate spelling of one word from the other.  They confuse spelling letters that sounds alike especially with the tricky rules of vowels and consonant in the phonetics. Like they confuse with the words slept/slip and weep/sweep. Learn to spell right is even difficult for someone than to read with the people suffering from dyslexia. It can be cured through different strategies that help to overcome this learning problem. First of all, teaching of phonetic rules that help people to build their strong understanding of connection of words with letter symbol and pronunciation of vowels and consonants. Secondly, try different tools and tricks to learn spellings which include different senses like sense of touch and sense of light.    Thirdly, focus on the structure and meaning of a word.

Executive functions like control and organization effected through ADHA cause mistakes in spelling. Basically it is a neurodevelopment disorder.

It is first diagnosed from early childhood and leads to adulthood. People affected with it may have difficulty to control their impulsive behavior. People face trouble to focus on noticing the spelling and spelling mistakes.

In fact, they often leave out the spelling from words, use wrong spelling or may put some alphabets in wrong order in a word.

People feel very difficult to learn and retain spellings in their minds. People can overcome this through using different techniques to learn spellings like use visual aid of the alphabets or by pointing a finger towards an alphabet while learning. Ask people to learn slowly and rhythmically.

Spelling, in some ways, is related to the memory and it is multi- layered phenomena.

Dysgraphia is also related to difficulty in wrong spelling. People feel difficulty to put thoughts on the paper but it is pretty much affect wrong spelling of a word. When people do not write for  long time  they forget how to write with correct spelling. They also use spelling of same word in different ways in different situations. People can cope with it through graphic details for longer term memorizing ability. Some people suffer from processing auditory information properly and it causes them to spell words wrong and difficulty in visual processing what they have seen and they incorporate that wrongly in the form of wrong spelling.

Technological movements of 21st century have made the things very easier for people not only in the protection from foreign invasions but also in every step of human life and have became beneficiary for even a common man. Educational innovations like computer, calculators provide every student to accomplish their task easily. In the same way people can easily check their spellings through spell checkers and put forth to learning of the spellings but in the communication sessions they mispronounced words due to their poor grip on the learning ability of spellings.