Anagram solver online with spelling bee ninja

Improve your spelling skills with our anagram solver. Spell difficult words correctly and become a spelling bee champion!

Anagram solver online with spelling bee ninja

What is an anagram?

Let’s start by introducing anagrams, an anagrams is a word formed using the same letters used by another word, in that case the words are considered anagrams of the other one.
For example an anagram for the word “Stressed” is “Dessert“, as you can see both words are composed by the same letters but well, they have completely different meanings.
This article is about the importance of understanding and solving anagrams to improve spelling and how to use spelling bee ninja to find anagrams for every English word.

Why understanding anagrams is important?

It is quite important to train yourself in resolving anagrams because it is a fundamental exercise for your brain that can help you in many ways.
By training with anagrams you will become very good in any word games, like crosswords, puzzles and table games like “Scrabble”,  as your anagrams solving skills will be quite a significant advantage in mastering these kind of games.
Anagrams can also help students understand the meaning of words. By looking at the different combinations of letters, they can often see the different meanings of a word.

Can anagrams improve spelling skills?

Yes we think anagrams will improve your spelling skills, first of all by deconstructing words when trying to solve anagrams you will realize how the words in composed, discovering elements like prefixes, roots, suffixes etc.
Rearranging the letters of a given word will also help you to identify the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word itself.
Last but not least, solving anagrams will dramatically improve your visual memory, that is a great skills when it comes to spelling and studying in general.

Finding anagrams with spelling bee ninja

If you’re interested in finding anagrams, we have the right resource for you.
As you may already know Spelling Bee Ninja is a website that has information about every English word. This includes things like how to spell the word and the possible anagrams!!!

Yes, our online web app  provides anagrams for every word contained in its dictionary.

So you want to find every possible anagram of a given word? Well let’s see how can  you easily do it using Spelling Be Ninja:

  1. Login to the Spelling Bee Ninja app at
  2. Reach out the words search Engine choosing: Words and Lists from the menu and then Search Words.

  3. Type in the search box your word and then hit the search button, or eventually use the search engine advanced syntax as explained here.
  4. If multiple results appears click the words of your choice, the corresponding word card will appear
  5. At the bottom of the page, under “Anagrams“, every possible anagram of the word will appear, linking to the related word card.

Spelling Bee Ninja is a great resource for students in grades K-12. As explained in the previous paragraph, the app provides anagrams for every word in its dictionary, which can help students improve their spelling skills.
Our search engine can be used to find out information about every single word, this one of a kind tool will help you in improving your spelling capabilities.