How to Cope With Spelling Test Anxiety?

Here you will know the spelling test anxiety along with powerful strategies to handle it and be successful at your spelling test..

how to cope with spelling anxiety ultimate tricks

It is completely normal to feel anxious or worried towards an upcoming test, we have all been there.
While stress can be a lot, if it is consistently ignored it can become truly overwhelming. Stress and anxiety have shown to affect students both positively and negatively.
Mild anxiety has shown to increase the focus of certain students, allowing them to score better. Heavy stress, on the other hand, has proven to be a total confidence killer for students, negatively affecting their performance. Anxiety affects everyone, even adults. Test anxiety is one of the worst forms of anxiety you can face, so lets discuss it together. This article will talk about the meaning, implications of test anxiety, while also discussing coping mechanisms.

What is Spelling Test Anxiety?

You all are familiar with spelling tests; if you want to know more about them, you can visit the spelling bee ninja dedicated page. Spelling tests are the cause of a certain type of anxiety. Let’s discuss the term: spelling test anxiety!

Spelling is one of the most difficult language skills to master because there is no logic to successfully doing it.
Spelling is mostly based on memorization, which can take a heavy toll on the brain. One of the leading causes for spelling test anxiety is a lack of practice. Students tend to feel more stressed when they are less accustomed to the words they are spelling, meaning that being prepared is crucial. A non-native speaker who is not accustomed to the English language may struggle on spelling even more substantially, leading to heavy anxiety on test days.
Whatever the reason is, the question is, how can we cope with spelling test anxiety?  Spelling Bee Ninja helps you with some tactful tips to cope with test anxiety. We offer online tests and spelling preparation to ensure success.

Why are English Words so hard to spell out?

English words are difficult to spell because English spelling follows no rules. The phonemes and graphemes of  words do not match, and it’s tough to teach a theory that is universally applicable to all of them. Most words derive from different origins, so general rules can not be used. As a student, this makes it even more difficult to solidify knowledge because everything is based on memorization. 

Tips for Coping with Spelling Test Anxiety

Here are some beneficial strategies for coping with spelling test anxiety. Apply these strategies into your academic to overcome spelling test anxiety

Test-Taking Strategies

We highly recommend the students adopt a few test-taking strategies.
Firstly, always ensure that preparation is done as much as possible before taking a test. As we mentioned earlier, confidence is one of the crucial traits a good test-taker must have, and it is only acquired through repetition and practice. For instance, while preparing for spelling tests, challenge yourself with small quizzes to test your knowledge. We highly recommend you to take online spelling tests to practice. Our  Online spelling training systems prepare you in the best way possible to minimize anxiety on test day. 

Another test taking strategy that is effective in a spelling test is to separate the word sounds. When a word is said, a must-have skill is to be able to break the word apart and spell it in small bits. This helps the brain focus on the word in a simpler manner, allowing more clarity when spelling. Don’t forget to put each sound back together at the end!

Another useful skill is to be able to stretch the sound of the word. Repeating the word to yourself and saying it in a different manner can change the way your brain perceives the word. This will help you discover spelling letters and sounds you would have never discovered without experimenting.

Finally, it is essential to take your time. Spelling bee tests, especially in -person ones can be very stressful because the reader may go too fast. Don’t be afraid to ask them to slow down or wait when you are reasoning through the spelling of a word. 

Notice Reading & Spelling Disability

At this age, many people suffer from Dyslexia. They may have problems remembering letters, leading them to struggle while spelling words. Furthermore, students with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) also struggle with remaining concentrated during spelling tests.

As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to assist students if they are struggling with spelling. If someone is troubled with spelling preparation, our spelling preparation system accepts and helps spellers of all levels achieve their academic goals. We offer word lists for every single grade level, ranking words from easy to most difficult. 

Use the SBN training app

As we have determined, students experience reduced anxiety towards spelling tests if they are more confident. Being a parent or teacher, you can improve your child’s spelling confidence by introducing them to different learning programs. The Online Spelling Bee Ninja training programs offer spelling word lists and preparation modules. Additionally, you can have them take an online quiz to check spelling skills on SBN before a test. 

Practice makes perfect

If you are heavily anxious because of a spelling test, it is almost certain that it will negatively affect your performance level.  To ensure success in spelling tests, practice from spelling lists as much as you can.
Here is a pro tip for remembering letters! Take a blank sheet of paper and write your spelling list. When you have done your writing, say the words aloud. After saying it out loud, write the word you are saying with a blank space in the letters. For example, if we wanted to spell ocean, we would write “O C E – N.” Now, as you say the word, fill in the blank with the correct letter. This will help your brain associate sounds with specific letters. This trick is specifically useful for tricky words with silent letters! Use it to your advantage.

Relaxation Techniques: Cope with Spelling Test Anxiety

If you have anxiety on a test day, apply some relaxation techniques to reduce your anxiety.
Use your imagination to picture your favorite places, sounds, and sights. Take a deep breath and think “I can do this”.

During the test

Here are some more strategies to reduce anxiety on test day. You should prepare yourself mentally for spelling tests because these tests will help you enhance your vocabulary and require a lot of cognitive power.

  • Drink enough water on your test day
  • Sleep well before your spelling test night!
  • You may become anxious when looking at the full spelling test sheet, so cover the bottom with your non-writing hand or fold the paper in half
  • Only look at the word you are trying to spell
  • Relax your mind while taking the test. Don’t be afraid to stop for a second and take some deep breaths.
  • If there’s something hard on the spelling test, do not be afraid to skip it and come back to it later. 

How Can Parents and Teachers reduce the Child’s Anxiety?

Parents and teachers play a significant role in reducing and even provoking test anxiety. If you think that your child has spelling test anxiety, you should work to understand its cause. Ask questions like: “What things make you anxious?”,  “What is your great fear regarding spelling tests?” Having your child talk to you about the stress his experiencing will greatly reduce it. Assist them by providing comfort and instilling confidence in their skills. Be by their side as they practice, and encourage them to stay focused when they make mistakes and not feel discouraged. On our website we have Spelling  fun activities and lists that provide assistance to any student and parent.