Spelling Bee Practice Tutorial to sharpen your spelling skill

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Improve Spelling Skills

In this tutorial  about spelling bee practice – you will focus on how to maximize results and win spelling bee contests.

A spelling bee is a competition in which contenders are asked to spell a wide determination from words, generally with a differing level of difficulty.
These competitions are mostly held in schools as a way to test or improve their students.
It is also held between schools in district, state and national competitions.
A lot of students get nervous when spelling bee competitions are around the corner.
Are you one of those students?  Then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to discuss how to practice for spelling bee competitions without fuss.
Here are strategies and steps to take;

1. READ;
-It is very simple. If you want to know a lot of words and be conversant with their spellings, you have to read a lot.
Read a considerable amount of good books and extend your vocabulary. You’ll learn new words and how to utilize them.
Record the most intriguing words, and the ones with the trickiest spellings in a spelling note pad. Survey it now and again.
Reading chapter books that are above your grade level is another good way to build a spelling list. Write down words that you don’t know, look up their meanings, and add them to your spelling list. Once you advance to regional spelling bees, the words can come from anywhere in the dictionary, so the more you know, the better prepared you are.

– Work on composing words all alone with the goal that you don’t generally need to include someone else. Or, on the other hand sort them into a content record on the computer.

As the bee gets closer, write lists of words everywhere.
Put Post-it notes on the mirror in your bathroom, your nightstand and your laptop screen, and put a list of words on your phone. Keep note cards in your pocket with study words, so you can prepare when you have a few spare minutes.
Give your toughest lists to friends and neighbors, and ask them to quiz you. If you don’t have access to word lists, go to the Scripps website and other resources to print out their lists to practice.
Learn your weekly spelling words. Keep a list of the words you miss on quizzes and tests in your spelling notebook.

-A standout amongst the most valuable strategies to consider rapidly is to counsel the official word list for the spelling bee.
To get spelling words list tailored for your needs use our Spelling Bee Ninja.
It can give you spelling bee related insights for every single word and generate for you customized spelling lists, a gold mine for your spelling bee practice. In the following table there are some links to spelling lists by grade of difficulty.

Join Spelling bees of all levels, from city to area to locale to state, by and large give official arrangements of words to taking an interest schools.
These rundowns change every year, and concentrate the present rundown is the best system for get ready for the bee.

Memorizing different spelling rules can also give contestants a better chance of succeeding. Knowing rules increases the possibility of spelling a word correctly, even if it’s unfamiliar.

Other ways to practice and get prepared for spelling bee include;

  1. Brushing up on Greek and Latin root words can also offer an advantage in a bee. Words from these languages form the basis for many English words, and asking for an unfamiliar word’s language of origin is allowed at most spelling bees.
    Check out this article “How to spell In English” where we describe some language rules that will help you a lot with spelling bee practice for spelling bee.
  2. Concentrating on particularly difficult or commonly misspelled words is another practical study choice. Many books and websites offer lists of these words, which serve as effective study aids check here some of the most difficult words to spell.
  3. Learn your best spelling bee style. How do you prepare to spell a word aloud? Are you most successful if you trace it with your finger, say it to yourself or picture it in your mind? Figure this out in advance. Then once a week, have a friend or family member ask you to spell a few words aloud, spelling bee style. Get comfortable with spelling tricky words in front of other people.


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Try out these steps and methods and in no time, you will start to feel very confident about spellings.
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Good luck.