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7 Spelling Bee Video Tutorials to become a spelling bee expert.

The fame of Spelling Bee contest is not confined to US and UK only. Numerous Asian and African nations actively organize the contest at a national level, as well as international level. MaRRS Spelling Bee organizes the contest in the Middle East & South Asia. NST-RHB organizes it in Malaysia, while in Taiwan, Bugstation TV carries the flag. African Spelling Bee and State Library Foundation of Western Australia are responsible for organizing the contest in African countries & Australia respectively.

Doing well in a Spelling Bee contest depends upon the following things:

  • Excellent vocabulary

  • Impeccable pronunciation

  • Command over homophones

  • Grip on language roots and language rules

This article will give you a brief insight towards spelling bee video tutorials in various countries around the world.

1) In Pakistan, Dawn News promotes the Spelling Bee competition in October every year, divided in the district, regional & national levels. The participants are encouraged to learn as many words as they can, and are given 20 seconds to inquire regarding the correct pronunciation of the word, part of speech and usage in a sentence.
Dawn Spelling Bee Video Tutorial:

2) Students of Anatolia College in Greece uses fun learning technique to instill the hunger for knowledge. The following tutorial, gives an insight towards their methodologies.

3) Whenever you are faced with difficulty, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Delving into the idea of basic phonetics and homophones will clear up a lot of things. This tutorial will specifically help the non-native English speakers in clearing up the complexities associated with spellings and their pronunciation.

4) It is often observed that words with silent letters particularly trouble kids in Spelling Bee contests, a common example being “pneumonia” and “psychology.”
This tutorial impresses upon the use of silent letters in English.

5) Often troubled by the sounds of B, D, and L, this tutorial will help you in clearing any misconception you have regarding spelling the letters. Just like B is not pronounced after M and before T. D is not pronounced in DG (e.g. judge, smudge) and L is silent after A, O and U (e.g. walk, could etc.)

6) There are words that people commonly mispronounce, and the mistake is considered admissible. Many people don’t even notice that they’ve been mispronouncing the word throughout their whole life. While participating in a Spelling Bee contest, it is necessary to have a command over all the pronunciations and alternate pronunciations of a given word. This tutorial will guide you through the basic pronunciation mistakes made and the most commonly mispronounced words.

7) In order to improve your vocabulary, never confine yourself to one single book or genre. Explore all the possible options while impressing upon grammar. This tutorial is a step by step guide towards vocabulary improvement and making the most out of the resources available.

Usually, non-native speakers have trouble in guessing the correct spellings because they do not know the alternate pronunciations. In this context, period dramas and period films aid a lot since their scripts are extremely well written and a lot of time is dedicated towards correct pronunciations.

Hope this article will help you in preparing for your spelling bee contest. May the odds ever be in your favor!

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