Middle School Spelling Words – How To Memorize Fast?

Spelling words list for middle school students.

Middle School Spelling Words


The primary issue among middle school spelling words is the students seem to have difficulties memorizing them.

Sometimes it may look that words are too difficult or complex to be memorized, but if you know the right ways to do it, things get easier.
Along with the words list, you will find in this article some strategies that could help your students in memorizing how to spell middle school words. Try them with your students and remember: when you teach spelling to middle school students, each student may react differently to each memorizing strategy, it is up to you to be proactive in adapting to the methods to the single student.

Visual strategy

When teaching middle school spelling words, using visual strategy is a popular technique that many teachers use. Middle school students can learn the words faster when they can link each word with the imagery. This is especially helpful for longer and non-abstract words. Many students use this technique because it’s fairly easy to do. They can use clue cards and games to use this strategy.

Mnemonic Strategy

The mnemonic is very helpful for many things. It’s good to memorize numbers and especially for middle school spelling words. However, it can be highly personal. Since there are endless combinations of mnemonic patterns, you can be as creative as possible. And you can tell your student the same.
You also can combine the mnemonic strategy with the word’s origin. For example, the word “poli” in “metropolis,” “acropolis,” and “political” is a Greek word that means much or many. It’s understood that this strategy is popular because it can morph into various things.

Middle school words: PDF, Flashcards and SBN formats

Structural strategy

This one works best when your students already know the base words. It is important to recognize eventual root words and the origin of the word itself, in this way the students can deduct the spelling of the words instead of memorizing it. Check out here why root words are so important.
Also it could be a good idea to check these list: words from Japanese, words from Latin, words from Arabic.

Practice is key

Even though the aim is to memorize faster, it hardly makes a difference when they hardly practice. The students need to remember that they still need constant and regular practice on the words. It will help them to memorize faster and better.
Moreover you need to make the practice fun at times. Repetition is important. But you need to space the practice time to get the best result.