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7 ways you can be benefitted by attending mock spelling bees

From stage fright to a lack of self-confidence, there are a lot of reasons which can make spelling bee participants tremble once they are up on the stage.

Spelling bee competitions can be nerve wracking for a number of reasons. From stage fright to a lack of self-confidence, there are a lot of reasons which can make spelling bee participants tremble once they are up on the stage.
Hence, it is important that schools take the initiative of organizing mock spelling bee competitions, and it is the responsibility of the students and spelling bee participants to take part in these mock sessions.

Here are 7 ways you can be benefitted by taking part in these mock spelling bees.

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1) Figuring out your strengths and weaknesses

Not knowing about the areas or words you are good with, and the ones that could use a little more work is something that can take a heavy toll on your preparation for the spelling bee. You can never be too sure about your own preparation.

Mock spelling bee sessions exist to help you discover your strengths as well as to point out your weaknesses. By taking part in such practice sessions, you are allowing yourself to be exposed to the circumstances which you will be facing in the actual competition.

There are a lot of factors that can impact the performance of a spelling bee participant. From stage fright to lack of self confidence, there are many things which can affect the way you function at a spelling bee.

Mock spelling bee sessions can help you understand these strengths and weaknesses you may have. As you take the stage at a mock spelling bee session, you will be able to understand how your surroundings affect you. You can then work on these insecurities and strong points you have and prepare yourself for the main competition ahead.

2) Putting your practice into play

Participants of spelling bee competitions take their time to prepare for the events. However, no matter how many word lists you conquer, or how many pages of the dictionary you manage to memorize, you can never know your true potential unless you test it out.

Mock spelling bees are the places where you can put your practice into play and test yourself on what you have learnt. These mock sessions are arranged in the manner of the actual event. They follow the structure that is followed by the actual spelling bee competition. Hence, you get to practice your words accordingly.

Here, you will get to see which words you are good at and which need more work. As you make progress in the mock session, the words will keep on getting tougher and tougher. As a result, you can pinpoint the exact type of word/s that can cause you trouble at the spelling bee.

Besides this, you can also test your spelling or vocabulary retention capabilities.

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3) Encouraging your peers

Not everyone at your school or in your class will be so enthusiastic about the mock spelling bees. In fact, it is very likely that these people are not so fond of the spelling bee in general.

The mock session can help encourage your peers to get into the spelling bee. Seeing how exciting a prospect it is, your friends might give it a shot next time.

4) Getting acquainted with the structure or format of the competition

The mock competition will be organized in accordance with the format of the upcoming spelling bee contest in your region or country. Each spelling bee has its own set of rules and follows its own specific structure. These rules and formats vary from region to region, country to country, and competition to competition.

With all these rules and regulations you need to keep track of, it is easily possible for you to get lost. Although the format of the spelling bee as well as all rules and regulations associated with it, are provided on the spelling bee website, it will still take you a good amount of your time to fully grasp them.

As stated earlier, mock spelling bees are organized to mimic the actual event. This is achieved by adopting the main competition’s format as well as all its rules and regulations. Thus, as you take part in these mock sessions, you are also acquainting yourself with the structure, format, and rules of the main competition.

5) Building up a healthy competitive nature

Spelling bees help to create a healthy competitive environment among the participants. This is something you cannot understand unless you actually take part in one of these contests.

A healthy competitive nature among your peers is very beneficial. It helps you to work on your own spellings and other relevant skills. Seeing that your peer is doing better than you or is giving more effort than you will surely get you working a lot harder than what you usually do.

So go ahead, take all your friends and classmates, and get yourselves pumped up for those mock spelling bee sessions.

6) Overcoming stage fright

One of the most common problems kids face during the spelling bee is their inability to cope with a large audience.

The fear of spelling out a word in front of a crowd of thousands and many other watching at home on live television is quite understandable. For many participants, it will be their first time on stage speaking in front of such a large audience. But what if it did not have to be their first time? What if they could get rid off their stage fright before they get to the competition?

This is where the mock spelling bees come to play.

Mock spelling bees are usually conducted in front of an audience. Although this audience is small in size, it will still serve your purpose. You can overcome your stage fright as well as your fear of public speaking through these mock spelling bees.

7) Boosting your self-confidence

Once you are done with the mock spelling bee, you will feel much more confident to take on the actual event. This is because you are already aware of all the mistakes that you can make, you have worked on your stage fright, and no matter how new you are in the spelling bee competition, you have already attended a spelling bee even if it is just a mock spelling bee.

Now that you know how mock spelling bee sessions can help you, it is time for you to work with your teachers and organize a mock spelling bee session. If you do not know where to start with the organizing, Spelling Bee Ninja can help you out. Click here to see how you can organize a mock spelling bee session in just 7 steps.