Spelling Bee Winners

spelling bee winners

Spelling Bee Winners

The US Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest held every year and Spelling bee winners announce in it. The US Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest 2017 was won by Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California, in which she beat Oklahoma’s Rohan Rajeev becoming the thirteenth Indian American to win the US competition.

More than 11 million youngsters aged between six and 15 from all 50 US states, US territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam and countries such as Japan and Jamaica had entered the competition.


While talking to the reporters, Vinay said that she took this contest as a learning opportunity learning about medicine, geography, science, literature.

This would help her in choosing a field of study/career path when comes the time.

While preparing and learning her words, she always looked for the following:

Failure Is Not Fatal

We usually get disheartened after a failure, but it wasn’t the case with the past three Spelling Bee winners. “Those were tough losses but they also made me dig deeper and work harder”, said Balu Natarajan, 45, who flamed out on the national stage in 1983 and 1984. He won the next year at age 13 and is now a sports medicine doctor in Chicago.

2010 winner Anamika Veeramani lost the final in front of the whole audience in 2009, but she chinned up and didn’t take the defeat to her heart. “In the spelling bee, you really learn how to deal with failure.

And dealing with those things gracefully is really important to living a good life,” said Veeramani, 21.

She graduated in May 2017 with a biology degree after just three years at Yale University and is applying to medical school.

She envisions treating patients as well as launching a broadcast career covering medical stories.



In the latest Spelling Bee related news from South East Asia, Rangsit University Thailand will host the national annual spelling bee contest, known as NJ Spelling Bee 2017, with participant count exceeding 100.

Students from the four major zones will take part in the prestigious completion, the final of which will be held in November 2017.


Jamaican Prodigy

In the Caribbean, the picturesque scenery is made even more beautiful by the talented and hardworking kids.

In a competition of 5 kids, Justin Ridgard of Tomlinson Christian Academy came out triumphant by spelling Archipelago.

The sixth-grader owes his success to the hard work, early mornings and late nights, augmented by his passion for spelling.

Besides being a member of the debating team, he’s a great athlete.


Indian Guru

Prodigy from India, Vetsal Sankhro, a class IX student of Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Dimapur has emerged as the champion of the 6th Nagaland Spelling Bee Championship held at capital convention center Kohima on September 29.


Kenyan Bumper Prize

In Kenya, 2018 National Annual Spelling Bee Contest was announced with top prize as much as 18 Million Kenyan Schillings.

With the winner getting his school a 52 seater bus, the first runner-up a 33 seater bus and the second runner-up a 26 seater bus. While the winners of 2017 Annual Spelling Bee Contest will visit Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for African Spelling Bee Championships.