5th-Grade Spelling Bee Word List to Make You a Champion

5th graders (10 years old) are at the stage where soon they will explore the middle school curriculum. They must master the 5th-grade spelling bee words list to become independent learners.

In the USA, 5th graders are in the last year of their elementary school, and even in some schools, they are in the first year of middle school. Thus, at this stage, the students face difficulty in reading comprehension because till 4th grade, they learn easy words.

5th- Grade Spelling bee: Spelling bee ninja

By noticing the student’s issue regarding reading comprehension, spelling bee ninja prepares the 5th-grade spelling bee words list to eliminate their anxiety regarding new words.

If you’re parents or teachers who want to get new words to use in 5th-grade classroom activities, then the list is for you. Also, the students of 5th grade should learn this list to make themselves independent learners.  However, We know fifth graders have skills gained from previous sections, but they have to lay a solid foundation for the years ahead. That’s why the 5th-grade spelling bee words list is arranged for you to get easy reading skills.

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 Compound Words list for 5th Grade

For the 5th-grade spelling bee, we have arranged the compound words list. Moreover, we also have spelling word lists for 4th grade, which you can get that list as well to retain previous words.

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These lists are enough for winning spelling bee competitions. If you’re holding a 5th-grade spelling competition, you can prepare a spelling competition from spelling bee ninja trainers. Certainly, it’s a bit tough competition, that’s why we offer you tutorials and training modules to ensure your success.

Furthermore, we have arranged one more list of 5th grade Math, Science, Literature spelling lists. You can also get an eBook to win a spelling bee competition.

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On the whole, these are the spelling words that a fifth grader should know to excel in spelling competitions.

Additionally, these lists may contain some comprehended words, but 5th grade should know those to win the spelling bee.  That’s why here we arranged the definitions of a few challenging words. You can understand the context and meaning of difficult words from here:

Candlestick Like a bar chart, support, or holder for more than one candle: used for one long candle
Prescription A written order for medicine use; recommendation by medical authority
Peninsula A piece of land surrounded by water
Wrinkle Line or folding in something (like on face over the age).  Furthermore, also use this word for learning a meaningful piece of information.
Wildlife Living things including mammals, birds, and fishes; neither humans nor domesticated.
Grudge The feeling of ill will; unwillingness to give or admit
Tiptoe Position of balancing the balls of the feet and toe; and raised the heels off the ground; tip or end of the toe
Circuit A path between two or more points where the electric current has passed
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Use this list with Spelling Bee Ninja

You can use the words of this list within our app, just click the icon below to access the list for training, flashcards, tests and all the features SBN offers to get prepared to win the next spelling bee.

Furthermore, you can get more definitions of hard words from the other 5th-grade spelling bee list.