Madeleine Eginton from United States is the winner for this week.

WOSL Spelling Tournament Round 10/2021 final results.

Tournament data and links

This tournament has been officially closed on: March, 12 2021
WOSL: This is an Official WOSL Tournament

Winner: Madeleine Eginton
Official Tournament page
Final Rankings

Top Scorers.

Rank Student Score Prize
1 Madeleine Eginton 1538.1 Score Card 1 month SBN FULL Student License + Official WOSL Certificate
2 Sree Krishnan Rajesh 1533.15 Score Card Official WOSL Certificate
3 Emma Eginton 1372.8 Score Card Official WOSL Certificate
4 Kevin Dutton 1331.15 Score Card  

Winning test.

Word Answer
 Furthermore Furthermore
 Chose Chose
 Honesty Honesty
 Reasonable Reasonable
 Interrupt Interrupt
 Levied Levied
 Darken Darken
 Riot Riot
 Anodyne Anodyne
 Afterthought Afterthought

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