Spelling Bee Training Student One year

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We have the solution for you to win the spelling bee — our system will make it happen!

Spelling Bee Ninja is ready to take on the world! With our advanced AI trainer, you’ll never have to worry about your child’s spelling again.

You will get all learning tools in one place and an easy-to-use interface.

After using this trainer, you may expect the following changes:

  • Your kid may achieve the perfect score in a Spelling Bee contest.
  • Their English vocabulary may even match the high schoolers.
  • They may know and understand the words which you have never heard of.

The features of the advanced spelling trainer:

  • A built-in Spelling Bee search engine.
  • Custom word additions and tests.
  • Custom difficulty settings as per the grade of the kid.
  • Access to an error list that kids may use to revise and correct their mistakes.
  • Detailed report cards with your world ranking using our global database.
  • Innovative training features which use expert teaching techniques.
  • You may take the test unlimited times.
  • AI word pronunciations.
  • Numerous account types like a teacher, student, parent, etc.
  • It is always online.

Why you should buy it?

If you’re like most parents, you want your children to succeed in school. But sometimes, it feels like no matter how hard you try, they just can’t seem to get ahead. That’s where Spelling Bee Ninja comes in!

Our advanced AI trainer is specifically designed to help children improve their spelling skills. With years of experience and proven results, we’re confident that we can help your child become a spelling bee champion!

So don’t wait any longer; sign up for Spelling Bee Ninja today and give your child the gift of success!

Order and see for yourself!

With our easy-to-use AI spelling trainer, you can start training immediately and become a spelling bee champion in no time!

Our advanced program will help you learn correct spelling faster than ever before. And with our witty tone of voice, you’ll have fun doing it too!

So what are you waiting for? Order Spelling Bee Training today!

Self-Improving Spelling Bee Algorithm

Spelling Bee Ninja uses AI to learn from your usage patterns and performance results.

This allows the system to create a personalized learning path for every student based on his aptitude.

The in-built spelling database consists of all the information related to difficulty and repetitive mistakes that allows teachers and parents to identify mistake patterns for improved learning.

The algorithm consists of thousands of words categorized per school grade and difficulty.

Also, you can create custom lists with an import feature and specialized spelling search engine.

Enjoy Realistic Spelling Bee Test Experience with Text-to-speech Capabilities

Spelling Bee Ninja is designed to simulate official spelling bee tests.

Get a chance to experience close-to-reality spelling bee competitions with text-to-speech conversion, the verbal announcement of every word, and instant accuracy check.

Features of Spelling Bee Ninja Student Account

  • Single Student account
  • Spelling Tests with 100+ Custom Spelling Lists
  • Words List Import
  • Error Tracking
  • Smart Trainer
  • Flash Cards

With the student account license, you can use the Spelling Bee Ninja software for a single student. For use of Spelling Bee Ninja for more than one student, find out more about our family & teacher licenses.

To buy, checkout and receive an email instantly with the activation code and instructions to get started with your spelling bee journey.

Spelling Bee Ninja Student account  will grant you access to all the premium features offered by our Spelling Bee training system, including: Spelling tests with custom spelling lists, up to 100 spelling lists, words import and error tracking.

Please refer to our plans page to check the features offered by each account type.

The Student License allows the creation of a single student. If you need more students to use the system please check our Family License or Class License offers.

After checkout you will immediately receive an email containing the activation code and activation instruction.

If you have already a premium account, the expiration date will be postponed when activating this license.