Simple View Of Reading - Best Formula To Enhance Reading Skills

Simple View Of Reading – Best Formula To Enhance Reading Skills

Accelerate your reading skill with the formulae supported by scientific researches known as "The simple view of reading,"


The formulae, known as “The simple view of reading,” can accelerate your reading skills with much precision. It is widely accepted and has been supported by scientific researches as well. In Layman’s terms, it means it works.

Before we get to the formulae, let’s overview some of its essential components and understand them.

1.  Decoding – Understanding the written words.

When you look at a text, precisely what comes into your mind? Is it the pronunciation of the word or its meaning?

For some students, it is the meaning, and for most, it is the pronunciation. The fact is that the thought process is so fast that it is almost the same.

However, if you don’t know the meaning, then, of course, pronunciation will come along with confusion.

The first part of the simple reading view is decoding, where you understand the word.

2.  Speaking out Loud

Now that you have understood the word, it is time to speak it aloud. You have arrived at the second part of the simple view of reading theory if you can do this. Yes, it is also called a theory.

Usually, this part is hard for non-natives and sometimes for natives. However, the natives get it easy while others need more practice.

3.  Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension or understanding is a combination of decoding and speaking aloud. It is the final result of the simple view of reading formulae.

Let’s take a look at the formulae.

D x LC = RC

Where D is decoding, LC is oral Language comprehension, and RC is reading comprehension.

It works the same way as any other formula in mathematics, where if you have two variables, you can find the third.

4.  Why is the Simple View of Reading Important?

This theory sheds light on two distinct sides of reading – reading aloud and understanding what you read. Both of these points can lead to fluent and accurate reading.

Want to calculate how good you are at reading? Well, this formula can help you there as well. Just put in your decoding and language comprehension scores – you will get your results.

5.  How does it Enhance reading Skills?

By applying this formula, teachers can have a clear perspective and a strategy to help students learn reading. Moreover, its continuous application can yield astonishing results in the form of excellent reading skills.

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Final Thoughts

Formulae usually stick to sciences, so what are they doing in English? The Math-fearing kids among you must not worry; it is not coming in the exam. Also, it is meant to be used as a strategy to help you improve your reading and comprehension skills.

Other ways of improving your reading skills are highlighting text, reading in portions, reading exciting things that keep your focus on the paper, and reading the morning newspaper.

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So, what do you think is the best way to enhance reading skills?