Free word search animals for k12 students

Free word search animals for k12 students

Extra fascinating word search animals to introduce your k12 students to the animal kingdom


Words search puzzles are an excellent tool for getting your students familiar with numerous new words and terms each day. Also, they are entertaining and catchy, which is why English students love to spend their extra time on them.

Similarly, this puzzle is about the word search animals which is the kind of game that interests youngsters.

Youngsters love animals

To kids, animals are appealing and reassuring. Also, they provide them with a feeling of safety and security.

Similarly, animals can help children become more empathetic and caring of others.

Also, when they get older, the bond between animals and them keeps on growing more robust.

Introducing animals to your kid’s life

The introduction of anything starts with the name. For instance, when you meet someone, you two ask or tell the name. Similarly, the introduction of kids to animals begins with their names.

Also, the word search animal games are probably the best methods to let k12 youngsters learn their spelling, words and names.

Spelling Bee Ninja presents free Word Search Animals.

We are proud to present a straightforward yet effective words search game that includes most names of common animals.

Also, this game is intended for K12 students so that you will find both straightforward and complex animal names in the blocks.

How to play the word search animals game

The playing parts are pretty straightforward and commonly found in various other word games.

All you need to do is find the words in a block of letters. Also, you can complete the words using the letters in rows and columns.

Moreover, you can only move from left to right and top to bottom in the letters block. So, you cannot make a word from bottom to top or right to left.

Ultimately, it is a pretty straightforward game that intends to develop animal word vocabulary among students.

Final Words

The game above is a new approach with new words towards teaching the students the new names of animals. Also, if it is too easy for you, you can try our various other challenges online, which can keep your brains going for hours.

Finally, if you successfully solve our puzzles, you will receive coupon codes that you can use to get massive discounts on our products.

The Word List

Use these words as hints to find the correct sequence from the main letters block.
[Penguin, Albatross, Rhinoceros, Ostrich, Hippopotamus, Raccoon, Moose, Lion, Tiger, Cat, Dog, Chita, Leopard, Snake, Hyena, Wolf, Walrus, Panda, Anaconda, Python, Tortoise, Kangaroo, Sloth]
Also, it would be best if you did not look at them while solving the puzzles. In the end, when you are stuck after numerous tries, you may look at these words for a bit of help.

The Game Board

Online version: Click or tap the beginning of the word then the end of the word. Printed version: Use a pencil to circle the words.
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