Online and printable kids crossword puzzle

Online printable kids crossword puzzle

This Online and printable kids crossword puzzle is a must-solve to build your kids' minds and boost their confidence


Before we start the article, let’s ask you a question, and we will post the answer in the last paragraph.

Who is a Cruciverbalist? A clue is ‘They work for New York Times.’

Solving a crossword puzzle is a fun and fantastic exercise for your brain. Also, if your kids start showing an interest in it, you are a fortunate parent whose kid will be intelligent and confident.

This particular kids crossword puzzle is brought to you by Spelling Bee Ninja and is intended for kids. So, please don’t start thinking that it is too easy. It might be easy for you, but it is challenging for youngsters. What is more? Under your supervision, they will learn a few new words and their spelling and meanings.

What is a Puzzle? Crossword?

Let’s start from the basics. Puzzles are problems that are all around you, and solving them makes you happy. Similarly, a crossword puzzle consists of a grid of squares with clues you need to input horizontally and vertically. If you complete all of them, you have solved the puzzle.

It would be best to remember that when your kid solves a crossword, they will feel happy and confident about their next endeavor.

Kids crossword puzzles are not very common, and Spelling Bee Ninja intends to do something about it. Please keep reading to learn more about this exciting crossword we have prepared for your kids.

Kids Crossword Puzzle

Crossword is an excellent exercise for your mental muscles every morning and a coffee cup. The New York Times’ crosswords are world-famous, and people love to solve them. A fun fact about them is that Monday’s crossword is the easiest while Friday’s is the most challenging week.

English vocabulary is one of the most challenging stages of learning for youngsters. Guess which is one of your kids’ easiest ways to boost theirs? Of course, it is a crossword puzzle!

The Game

Following are the clues with their answers that you can use to find the perfect words and put them in the crossword squares.

1. The king of the jungle
2. She says Moooo
3. Lays Eggs
4. Easter Pet
5. Usually eaten for breakfast
6. Main Bakery product
7. Dark knight superhero
8. Angry Superhero
9. Four wheeled vehicle
10. Drink produced by cows
11. Airplanes and birds can
12. It belongs to you, but your buddies use it more
13. Keep me, or I will break
14. I am a word, but you always spell me wrong
15. You buy me to eat, but you never eat me
16. It has many keys but can never open a door
17. I fall in winter but never get hurt
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Why must your kid solve this?

As stated earlier, crosswords are excellent for your youngster’s cognitive abilities. This kids crossword puzzle is specifically constructed for children to turn their learning into a fun activity. They won’t feel stressed or troubled while doing it. Furthermore, it will be a fun activity for them, and who knows, they might even make a routine of solving crosswords.

How to Solve it?

Just click or tap the cell you want to fill up and start typing, if you want to do it on paper take a print of it, provide your kid with a led pencil and an eraser, and ask them to solve it.

Teach them how they must attempt it. Tell them to start reading and understanding the clues and how they can adjust the words in the blank squares.

Don’t worry if they are not showing any progress, and give them time – as much as they need. Also, please encourage them to try again and again. Tell them to use the eraser as much as they need.

Finally, you will be surprised what they can do with a bit of encouragement and a supportive attitude of yours.

A Useful Tip

A bonus tip is to help your kids by giving them more clues to the crossword answers. Be Careful! Don’t tell them answers directly. Let them use their brain fully – it is all about learning and growing.


Solving a crossword with your kids is an exciting activity you must cherish and perform often. It helps you improve your bonds, and kids will be more attentive to your teachings. Of course, the intention is to make them brighter and excel in their future goals.

So, did you think about Who is a Cruciverbalist? The answer is ‘he/she is a person who excels at making and solving crosswords.’

While you are still here, please look at other vital fun-learning materials and courses Spelling Bee Ninja offers. Why stop here? Let your kids boost their English, for English is the key to a brighter future and success in the 21st Century.