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Explore the Spelling Bee of Canada, a competition promoting literacy among children. Learn about its history, benefits, and how to participate.

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The Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC) is an educational organization. It promotes educational development among the youth, parents, teachers and the community at large. The organization celebrates these developments through the achievements of their stakeholders in various local and international educational events.

Spelling Bee of Canada is a registered charity. They are dependent on local businesses, organizations and individuals to contribute time, materials, services and/or funds. Their overall aim is to achieve the overall educational as well as academic growth of the youth and community.

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SOBC plans on establishing a national spelling bee that can have over a million participants. They plan on doing this by regional outreach. The successful regional champions will go on to the provincial championships, and then the national finals.

SBOC categories

SBOC organizes annual spelling bees for children between the ages of 6 to 14. Participants are placed into one of the three available categories. Primary category is for ages 6 to 8. Junior category is for ages 9 to 11. The intermediate age is 12 to 14.

Besides, students above the age of 15 go on to become mentors to participants in their respective regions.


Spelling Bee of Canada awards three position holders from each category. The winner, along with the 2nd and 3rd position holders, are given cash prizes, trophies, certificates, and other gifts.

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The different stages of the Spelling bee of Canada

All registered participants are provided with a study booklet with the official spelling bee words and spelling bee word lists. They are also given lessons via coaching sessions.

At the start, they enter their regional competition as participant. Contestants are grouped based on the three categories mentioned above. Regional competitions are held in association with the Community Spelling Bee (includes those children – public and/or private – whose schools are not a part of the Family of Schools at that point in time) or the School’s Spelling Bee (Family of Schools).

Winners from the regionals move on to the next rounds.

Each region is known as a SOBC Chapter. There are more than 30 such regions operating at the moment under the Spelling Bee of Canada.


Registration details for the Spelling Bee of Canada are given below:

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Preparing for the Spelling Bee with Spelling Bee Ninja

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