World online spelling bee

World Online Spelling Bee League – WOSL

World Online Spelling League WOSL is a league of online spelling tournaments organized by SBN, and participated by students from around the world.


Spelling bee competitions are getting harder each year. The inclusion of newer words and varying competition formats are making such spelling competitions more and more difficult.
Be it at the local level or the state one, a spelling bee event is now no longer limited to just the English dictionary. As more and more words originating from foreign languages are entering the ranks of different spelling bee word lists, participants are finding it more exhausting to deal with the expanding volumes of words and their subsequent meanings.

Thus comes the need of regular practice.
And these practices cannot be static, meaning that you cannot just buy a bunch of books and learn from them. You have to be more dynamic, learn new words as they come, and proceed accordingly.
Hence, your best option is to learn and practice from an online spelling learning platform.
That is where Spelling Bee Ninja and its World Online Spelling League (WOSL) comes into play.

What is the WOSL?

To put it in simple terms, the World Online Spelling League is a set of  online spelling tournaments that are organized by SBN, and participated by students from around the world. Schools can take part in these tournaments with their students. You can participate individually as well. It is a game-changer in the world of online spelling practice.

Joining a Tournament

To join a WOSL tournament, follow the steps discussed below.

  1. Log into your SBN account. In case you do not have an account on Spelling Bee Ninja, do not worry. You can always create a new SBN account. It will take you less than a minute to create your Spelling Bee Ninja account, and then you can carry on with the rest of the steps.
  2. Use the filter to narrow your search and select the tournament you want to join from the Tournament page, you can join tournaments flagged by the status: Can Join, ongoing and closed tournament cannot be joined.
Tournaments Page
Use the filters to find tournaments, check the status to see if you can join, ongoing and close tournament can’t be joined.
  1. Hit the Join button once in the Tournament page. You will either be admitted automatically, or will receive an email confirming your admission.
  2. You are now set for the tournament. Train for the event with the Training option available on the page. You can also know about the start and end time of the event, and other rules for that particular online spelling bee tournament.
Join a tournament
From the tournament page, click the Join button to join a tournament.

How the WOSL Tournaments Work

The aim of the tournament participants is to out-score the others and rank as high as possible. Using the “Take Test” option, participants can take the tests whenever they want, as long as it is during the duration of the tournament.
The Training button will help them train for the online spelling bee tournament. Training is possible both before and after the tournament starts. Although the training scores are not valid tournament scores, they will still be valid for world rankings, as well as stored for general student statistics.

Upcoming Tournaments

Check out the Tournaments page to know about upcoming online spelling bee events at the World Online Spelling League.
You can participate in the events with the “Can Join” status. The rest are either on-going or closed, meaning admission is no longer possible there. The Grade column defines the suitability of the tournament for varying grades of students. Once completed or on-going, students can check the rankings from the Ranking column. The tournament pages also describe the difficulty of the spelling bee tournaments, how much time each student has, whether or not they will get the definition of the word to be spelled, and so on.

Training for the Tournaments

Training for the tournament will allow you to gather a bit of experience.
This is not just in terms of learning the spellings, but you will also understand how the format works, what to expect from the online spelling tournaments, and what could prove to be a bit challenging for you. Hence, it is vital that you train for the tournaments using the Train button located within the Tournament page.

Active Tournament page

Receiving Prizes

Each of the tournament pages has its own rankings. When you click the Rankings button, it will take you to the rankings of that specific tournament. Rankings are visible for both on-going as well as closed tournaments.

As for the prizes, they will vary from tournament to tournament. First, second, and third position holders will be awarded official WOSL certificates. They will also get different prizes like a month-long free subscription to Spelling Bee Ninja’s student package, or a free copy of the SBN Spelling Bee Manual.
Schools might offer their own prize pool for their students, but that is completely up to them to decide. Participants of the WOSL will also earn points and badges which will be displayed on their public profiles.

Advantages of the SBN WOSL Ranking System

Spelling Bee Ninja’s World Online Spelling League is here to change the game, taking the monotony out of the online spelling bee tournaments, and giving it new life.

Signing up will let you explore the various challenges you might face in the actual tournaments. It is a great way to hone your skills, and know what you are adept at before jumping into the real-world spelling bee tournaments.

Join with your classroom

Schools should take the most advantage of these tournaments in the WOSL. A teacher can well-prepare their students for upcoming spelling bee tournaments by setting up online spelling tournaments on the WOSL platform. It will be a single-stop platform to control all the games, choose the difficulties, and set your own rules. Such online tournaments are more practical than in-class spelling games or practice.

As much as all this sounds too good to be true, it is how it is. Spelling Bee Ninja is going all out for all your spelling bee enthusiasts so that you can ace your upcoming spelling bee competition. Be it the SCRIPPS Spelling Bee, a State-level spelling bee, or a random online spelling bee tournament, you will manage to ace them all if you actively take part in the SBN World Online Spelling League.

So subscribe, participate, and see the results for yourself. Get your friends and schoolmates to join you too. There is no way the SBN-WOSL will disappoint you. You will get to witness visible signs of improvement in your spelling, and ability to remember the various new words you learn along the way.

How to subscribe

Joining WOSL
1) First login at
(if you don’t have an account yet you can create one in seconds at )
2) If you don’t have any students in your account, then you must create one, otherwise proceed with next step. Go to and add the student you want to join the tournament specifying name, grade and school.
3) Point your browser to the tournaments page at and click on the row corresponding to the tournament you want to join among the ones with status:  Can Join.
4) Click the “Join” button in the tournament page, if the admission is not automatic, wait for an email confirming your admission to the tournament.
5) Once admitted, use the Train button to prepare for the tournament
6) Check the tournament page to know the start and end date of the event and how many official tries are allowed for the tournament.

How to participate

During tournaments
The purpose is to score as high as possible, possibly winning the tournament and the prizes reserved for the top scorers.
Each tournament has a rankings page where each student can check the actual top scorers.
It is possible to take tests directly from the tournament page, using the “Take Test” button.
Each participant can take spelling tests valid for the tournament. as many as he/she wants while the tournament is opened.
Also, by clicking the button “Training” from the tournament page, you can take training spelling tests to prepare for the tournament before the start date and during the tournament as well.
Training tests won’t be considered for the tournament final rankings but are stored and managed as valid SBN tests, valid for the world rankings and student statistics.At the end of each test a score will be assigned.
Train as more as possible to increase you chances to win, our aim is to turn every participant into a spelling bee master, don’t forget to invite your schoolmates to join too.

Good Luck !!!