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What is Spelling Bee Ninja?

An Educational Technology or EdTech platform that caters to the needs of spelling bee participants, Spelling Bee Ninja is the leading and most popular spelling bee training platform.
Joining will give you access to all our giveaways, prizes and free study material, plus you will be part of an exclusive group dedicated to Spelling Bee study. Make the most out of our offers and you’ll fly very high!!!
Enjoy Spelling Bee Ninja’s amazing spelling and vocabulary learning platform along with the book that will win you the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee preparation manual

From the history of the spelling bee to how you can ace these competitions, our spelling bee manual contains everything you need to prepare yourself for the spelling bee. The book also contains a section dedicated to the Spelling Bee Ninja app, and how you can make the most out of it.

Our spelling bee book is also written and designed in a way that even young kids can use it for self-learning purposes.
We have put a lot of thought and effort while composing this book, and have made it kid friendly in every way possible, so that your children or students can use it with absolute ease.
Make the most out of this offer. Enjoy Spelling Bee Ninja’s amazing spelling and vocabulary learning platform along with the book that will win you the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee Ninja App

How’s the spelling bee preparation coming along? Hope it’s going great.
Spelling Bee Training Software StudentYou know, when it comes to preparing for spelling bees or exams in general, practicing can get you a long way. However, how will you know that the practice is paying off? How will you be able to understand how good you are?
For that, you need to test yourself.
To test yourself for the spelling bee, head over to the Spelling Bee Ninja Test App.
You can test yourself on the different word lists available on SBN.
You can even work with your own custom word lists.

The app has tons of features for you to work your way through. For a more thorough and productive session on the SBN Test App, switch to the Smart Trainer feature. The app will remember the mistakes you make and will keep repeating those words until you get them right. We’ll make sure that you don’t forget those hard spellings ever again. THAT’S A PROMISE.

Don’t know much about the Spelling Bee Test App or Smart Trainer? WELL, DON’T WORRY. We got you covered.
Check out this article to know about our Test App and Smart Trainer.
Before using the app, make sure you are a registered user of Spelling Bee Ninja.
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Spelling Bee Ninja premium packages

Unlock the platform’s true potential by signing up as a premium user.
If you want to train and prepare yourself for the spelling bee in the right way, you need to use the right resources. These resources include word lists, guide books, flash cards, spelling trainer, assistance system, and so on.
Click here to know more about spelling bee resources and where to find them.

With the Spelling Bee Nina Premium Packages, you can access all of spelling bee features we have to offer.
SBN is the most popular online spelling bee training platform. It has been designed and developed to cater to the needs of spelling bee participants.

The platform provides users with a lot of spelling and spelling bee resources which include a training app, various training modules, spelling bee word lists, spelling bee related articles, and so on.
Although some of these tools and resources are free and accessible by all, the more complex and unique ones require you to get a premium package.

Take the Smart Trainer feature for example, which is an SBN Premium feature.
It is the ideal tool for the perfect spelling bee preparation. Not only does it test your skills and keep pushing you with harder questions each time, but it also remembers the mistakes you made and keeps repeating those questions until you get them right. Fascinating, isn’t it.
The Spelling Bee Ninja Premium Packages aren’t that expensive, and in no way will trouble your wallet.

Premium Packages start at a low price of just $20, check here the complete plans table!

Our packages are grouped into three primary categories:

  • Student
  • Family
  • Class

Choose the package that suits you the best, Click here to check out all our Premium Packages

WOSL Spelling Tournament

World Online Spelling League is a set of  online spelling tournaments that are organized by SBN, and participated by students from around the world. Schools can take part in these tournaments with their students. Participation if free for students from all over the world.