The definitive 6th grade sight words list

A printable list and many ways to use it with profit in your spelling lessons and home schooling

The definitive 6th grade sight words list


As a primary goal of an educator, you have to improve your students writing and reading skills and in order to achieve this, you will need to take some things into consideration. You will have to build a strong foundation of sigh words and by doing so, children will be able to learn them faster.
As your students will progress through the grades, the list of sight words will grow, check out all the other spelling lists in this section of the website.

The words list

We will talk today about a definitive list of 6th-grade sight words for the year 2024. Here are a few ideas that you should take into consideration when it comes to improving their sight words knowledge.

PDF, Flashcards and SBN formats

Hera are links to the list in different formats, get it on your device and use it at home or for your class sessions, also there is a link to use the list with our spelling bee app.

You should incorporate these words in your lessons so you will make them much more interactive.

Incorporate these words in your lessons

Create a word wall

First of all, you will need to create a word wall. You will see that by doing so, the words will be displayed in the classroom and you will be able to encourage your students to use the words in their writing. You can also encourage them to use these words throughout the day. There are also some games that you can try out with your students so that they will also be able to use these words as frequently as they would like.

Use writing prompts

You can also take use of writing prompts. These usually include sight words and this will help your students when it comes to improving your writing skills. There are a lot of reading activities that you can take into consideration as you will be using these words. You can create a list of words and as the students will play with these words, they will enjoy this very much.

Encourage collaborative learning

Collaborative learning is another thing to take into consideration. You will have the students to work in groups and you will help them in creating different stories and essays. This will help students when it comes to memorizing words and they will also learn a lot of things about the importance of collaboration. This will make them better persons and they will also enjoy the fact that they can collaborate with other students.

Spelling Bee

You can also organize a spelling bee competition and this will also help a lot your students. They will like competing and you will see that this will also help students when it comes to memorizing words. This will also improve their spelling skills and they will become better as they will do so.
You can also incorporate technology when it comes to your lessons. This way, your lessons will become much more engaging and you can take use of different things available online and offline. You can use whiteboards, play online games with your students and also take use of some educational apps in order for your students to learn a lot of sight words.


You can easily make spelling fun for students and this means that this way the students will be able to practice spelling in a fun and also in an engaging way. They will learn how to spell faster and they will also have fun as they will be doing so.

For example you could ask to your students to sort different words. This means that they can sort the words based on different spelling patterns. This will help the students identify faster the common spelling rules and patterns. Students can also use visual aids such as diagrams, charts and also posters. This way students can visualize spelling rules and also patterns.

Use games

Spelling games such as Scrabble, Hangman or Boggle can also be a choice that your students will like a lot. This will help them in order to practice spelling in both an engaging and a fun way. Writing activities are always a fun thing to do and you should certainly take this into consideration. You will see that the students will like to practice their spelling in such activities.

Promote Reading

Reading is also an important thing to take into consideration. You should always make time for silent reading for your students to practice reading. This will give your students the opportunity to practice and they will also have to explore books that interest them. You can also create different reading challenges in your classes. You can encourage your students to read different books in a month or year and you can offer them prizes or different incentives for those who complete the challenge.


Every student learns differently and as a teacher it is really important to remember this. Some students may thrive through interactive games and also activities and others may learn through writing prompts and collaborative learning. It is important to vary your teaching methods in order for the students to learn in different ways. This way, you can be sure that your students will learn the needed things and they will enjoy the full process of doing so.
Make sure that you will be able to cater individual learning styles for your students and make learning fun. By taking all of these things into consideration you will see that the students will manage to have an improved vocabulary at the end of the class.
They will manage to have the skills needed in order to become better in time and this is exactly what you need to take into consideration when you are teaching them these things.