Exploring First Grade High Frequency Words With Flashcards For An Effective Lesson

Explore First Grade Reading with Flashcards: Dive into high-frequency words for a fun and interactive literacy journey.

First grade high frequency words

Learning first grade high frequency words with flashcards is one of the popular methods to teach new words. Being high frequency means the students encounter the words more often. More exposure means they are more likely to remember the words and its meaning. Some of the high frequency words that a first-grader is likely to encounter are the

A list of first grade high frequency words with flashcards With Various Difficulties

Teaching first graders is fun when you can use and keep their energies. In many ways, their energy also can inspire you to find a better approach to teaching them. Anyhow, you need to start with the least difficult words before working their vocabulary upward.

When most of the students are already familiar with the words, you can mix the words from different levels. This mixing is also good for gauging how well they recognize the words and when you should start the transition. It’s highly likely for you to repeat many words even when your students already memorize most of them. There is no shortcut to memorizing words. But at least it’s easier because they are high frequency words that you can find daily.

Least Difficult

The words in this list are very common in daily situations. You can start with the pronouns and use them to have them start introducing themselves. They can retain their memory by constantly using the words in simple sentences.

Keep in mind that these are only partial examples of the least difficult on first grade high frequency words with flashcards. You can find more examples of memorable words online and in daily situations.


High Frequency Words – Easy – FlashCards

Medium Difficulty

These words are still in high frequency list, but a bit more difficult than the previous list. To some first graders, this may be the first time they see or hear these words. You should carefully guide them to understand these words. The key is when you’re transitioning from the previous list to this one.


High Frequency Words – Medium – FlashCards

Complex and Difficult

When the students are already familiar with the flashcards, you can start introducing more difficult words. However, when you choose these complex words, you need to gauge the students’ capability to understand the words.

Some students may find these words very challenging. Just like the transition from the easiest to the medium difficulty, timing is important to get the best


High Frequency Words – Difficult – FlashCards

How Flashcards Can Help

Most people think that flashcards are only good for nouns or words with a specific object to name such as fruits and animals. However, flashcards are also good to introduce the concept of time as well as other high frequency words.

For the first graders, you can start with simple and short words. This will help them to understand the words’ meaning. However, these words also have to be versatile enough that you can encourage the students to learn by themselves and identify those words.

Anyhow, to efficiently teach first grade high frequency words with flashcards, you also need to have multiple series of cards. A wide variety of words and images, even on the same word will help your students to grasp the meaning.

You can either download a ready-made template or write one yourself. The students are the ones to determine which cards work best for your method. Some students may prefer large images, while others choose to focus only on the words.

It’s important to keep challenging the students in a fun and engaging way. Eventually, you will see that first grade high frequency words with flashcards are only tools for them to learn the language.

These cards work great when you can incorporate them into various situations. After the initial introduction, you can use the cards to train your students’ memory of the words. You also can encourage them to find new words and explore the language together.

 When You Should Use Flashcards

The first grader comes with various knowledge levels, which is why some of them will resist the flashcards and insist on using the methods they are already familiar with. As a teacher, you need to know when is the best time to introduce and reinforce the cards used.

One thing to note is flashcards work best to introduce the words and reinforce them. They are not magic tricks that you can use multiple times or very often. After a while, the cards will lose the charm and you need to get the first graders back on track.

It’s best to have several blank cards where you can include new words or make-up words. Having an interactive exchange between the students also can help them retain the memory from using the flashcards.

At any rate, the cards are only tools. You shouldn’t rely too much on them and must find a way to mix them up with other teaching methods. What’s important is for the first graders to understand the tasks and be confident enough to complete the tasks. How to keep them entertained so they can be more creative in exploring their options is one of the challenges you will face.

After exploring first grade high frequency words with flashcards you can see that simple words don’t have to be boring. The flashcard technique itself is easy to follow. Anyhow, one of the primary challenges is to keep the first graders’ focus on the flashcards. But once you know the trick, you can always explore the possibilities and have a lot more fun while introducing more words.