Printable wordsearch game: the solar system

Enjoy this printable word search puzzle game with words related to the solar system. A great way to learn about space while having fun!

Printable words earch game the solar system


The universe is the fascinating and mysterious environment we are living in.
At this time, we know it is composed by millions and millions of stars clusters called galaxies.
A galaxy is composed by millions and millions of stars, each star can be surrounded by planets.
Moreover many other strange objects populate galaxies, such as meteors, moons, comets and who knows what else.


As we said a star is shaped like a ball and made of burning materials and gases like hydrogen and helium.
 You can see the stars in the night, just look up in the sky and you will see many bright small points, each one is a star.
A star can be surrounded by planets, even planets are like big balls, much smaller than stars, orbiting around the mother star.
When a star is surrounded by a planet, it is referred to be “the sun” of that planet.

Everything keep moving.

Everything in the universe seems to be in motion: planets not only orbit around the star but turn around their own axis, like a giant never-stopping carousel.
Planets can have smaller planets orbit around them, these are called satellites or moons.
As far as we know all these movements seems to respect what we call Newton’s law of universal gravitation, introduced by the English scientist Isaac Newton and Kepler’s laws of planetary motion defined by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler.

So let’s recap the elements of the Universe:

Galaxies: there are billions, composed by billions of stars each.
Stars: big burning balls of fire, can be surrounded by planets.
Planets: usually solid balls, orbiting around a star, can be surrounded by a mix of gases called atmosphere, and contain water and life forms such as plants and animals.
Satellites: also called moons, smaller planets orbiting around a mother planet.

Our Solar System

A star with its own planet orbiting around it is called a solar system, our system is located in a really cool galaxy called the Milky Way.
Our very own star is called the Sun and the are eight main planets orbiting around it, in order of distance from the Sun they are called: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Moreover there are six smaller dwarf planets called: Ceres, Eris, Haumea, Makemake, and Pluto.
Earth is the third planet from the sun and is the world where we all live in.
It is really really beautiful as it is the only one with a natural habitat suitable to host life, so on the earth we have plenty of water, plants and animals.

The Game

Here below you have the word search puzzle game containing words related to the universe and solar system.

You can play the game online directly on your device.
Just check the words to find, highlight the start and the end of the word by tapping or clicking the corresponding first and last letter, if your answer is correct, the word will light up.
In alternative you can print the game using the print icon  button just below the puzzle, then circle the word listed with a pencil until you find them all !!!!

Online version: Click or tap the beginning of the word then the end of the word. Printed version: Use a pencil to circle the words.
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