Spelling Bee Training Class One Year

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Spelling Bee Training Class 

The special teacher/class account is meant for trainers and teachers who want to prepare their entire class for the upcoming spelling bee contest. With the class account license, you can use all the features of Spelling Bee Ninja for up to 30 students. Spelling Bee Ninja Class License gives you the power to create 30 individual student accounts and invite students (up to 30) to join the same classroom, easily.

Features of Spelling Bee Ninja Class Account

  • Multi-user account can be used by up to 30 students
  • Invite up to 30 students to join the classroom
  • Spelling Tests with 100+ Custom Spelling Lists
  • Word Import
  • Error Tracking
  • & Much More

The class license enables you to train thirty children at the same time using a single license. This means all of them can prepare together and perform better at spelling bee contests.

To buy the class license, checkout and receive an email instantly with the activation code and instructions to get started with your spelling bee journey.

Spelling Bee Ninja Class account  will grant you access to all the premium features offered by our Spelling Bee training system, including: Spelling tests with custom spelling lists, up to 100 spelling lists, words import, error tracking and multiple students.

Students can be local (to be used from within the same account) or  invited (having their own account): in this way a teacher can invite students to join the classroom (through an invitation code) when creating their own account.

Teacher will then control activities of the classroom such as spelling tests and homework, also the spelling lists created by the teacher will be visible from within the students’ accounts.

After checkout you will immediately receive an email containing the activation code and activation instruction.If you have already a premium account, the expiration date will be postponed when activating this license.

Please refer to our plans page to check the features offered by each account type.