Printable easy crossword puzzle for kids In the Jungle

Printable easy crossword puzzle for kids: In the Jungle

Latest printable easy crossword puzzle with interesting jungle terminologies - A must-know jungle words collection for your kids.


What was the most engaging and fascinating environment for you when you were a kid?

It was jungle dwellers, Tarzan and his animal buddies. Similarly, you also grew up listening to numerous jungle stories and other fun facts that attracted you, and you wanted to be there.

Spelling Bee Ninja has always strived to teach English to kids by building an exciting environment. Likewise, this printable easy crossword puzzle is another effort and an excellent addition to its increasing contents.

We believe fun learning yields better results than typical teaching and learning methods. Please keep reading to find out more about this new addition.

Free Printable easy crossword puzzle – In the Jungle

This exciting crossword includes the following elements.

  • Exciting teaching methods to increase your kids’ vocabulary.
  • A combination of most common Jungle words for kids.
  • A chance to learn their spelling and pronunciation.
  • Learning how to attempt a crossword.
  • An effort towards building interest in crossword puzzles.

How to solve it?

This printable easy crossword puzzle is designed for youngsters so you can stop thinking about technicalities. Of course, it would be best to guide the little one on how to attempt it. Following are the steps to it.

  • Click or tab the row to edit and enter your answer.
  • Alternatively, you will take a printout of the crossword jungle puzzle and provide the hard copy to your kid.
  • It is a grid of empty squares which need filling with the most appropriate and correct word.
  • You can only put in words horizontally and vertically. Horizontal will be from left to right and vertically from top to bottom.
  • You need to check the hints or clues provided under the nest heading.
  • It is best to attempt it with a led pencil. In case of a wrong input, You can use an eraser and try again.

Finally, it is best to keep encouraging your young ones and remember that mistakes are a part of the process.

The Game

1. My legs are taller than most humans.
2. I am a tropical tree and end with an 'm'.
3. The largest animal on land.
4. I fly, but I am a mammal.
5. I roam in packs.
6. I am the king.
7. The fastest carnivore.
8. It has 72 teeth and can live in water and on land.
9. We are scavengers, and we hate lions
10. You think I love banana
11. I am slow, very slow
12. It goes from Z to A.
13. I love fish, honey, and berries, and I eat the most.
14. I feed more than 90% of animals on land.
15. I am green, and I hope around.
16. I have a baby pouch attached to my body.
17. They are the largest in numbers, and they are disciplined.
18. I eat after months.
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Besides learning to spell the words, the kids learn fun facts about the jungle animals when attempting to solve this printable easy crossword puzzle. So, don’t wait and take a printout today for your kid’s entertainment and learning.

Furthermore, we update our content almost every day. So, keep visiting to find out innovative, fun English learning methods. Our primary focus is to teach English spelling to students of all levels. Also, don’t forget to check out different courses that we offer to make you a professional Spelling Bee competitor