8 Different Types Of Word Games Will Sharp Your Kids Memory

8 Different Types Of Word Games to Sharp Your Kids Memory

Explore 8 engaging word games on Spelling Bee Ninja to enhance your child's memory and vocabulary skills. Fun learning for a brighter future!


What do kids love most? Is it custard, or is it jelly beans? Well, apart from eating, they love playing. You can expect exponential growth in your kids’ English learning when you teach them in fun ways. Moreover, they will sharpen your kids’ memory.
One of the best fun ways is to teach them through games. Different types of word games are out there, and you can select a few of them for your kids.
Also, try some of our fun ways of learning English.

Eight different types of word games

Humans have evolved a lot since their birth. Similarly, with each new generation, evolution takes another step forward. We are not saying we grow another brain or shoot laser beams, but we are more intelligent than the previous generation.
Although we have grown shorter physically, that is another day’s discussion.
You might have come across numerous mental stimulation games during your long internet searches. However, after a lot of debate and research, we have compiled a list of the top different types of word games that can help improve your kid’s memory and help them learn English better.

1. Memory Cards

There are 52 cards in a deck. You will shuffle and divide them into two pairs and flip them all. Now you have 26 pairs of cards facing the table.
The first-turn player will see a random card in a manner that others cannot glimpse. Also, the player cannot see the second card, which is under the first card. The player can see any single card among 26 top cards and put it back as it was.
Now the second player will see a random card in the same way and put it back.
The game’s goal is to remember the places of the cards and win the matching number cards. If a player gets the two matching cards, he can have them, and two points will add to his name.
This game will go on until no card is left on the table. The one with the most cards will be the winner and a more brilliant mind.
To encourage your kids, let them win and request a re-match.

 2. The Concentration Game

The card game mentioned above is one of the best concentration games. It not only sharpen your kids’ memory but also builds concentration.
Even if your concentration is diverted for ten seconds, you will forget the card places. Don’t believe us? Try it.
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3. The Missing Object

This one is a pretty simple game. You need to collect a few small objects from your home and place them in a basket while showing each one of them to your kid. Now ask your kid to close their eyes and remove one of the objects from the basket.
Finally, let your child remember which object is missing. It is fun, right?

4. What was in the Picture?

This one is pretty interesting and works for adults too. Show a vivid image to your kid and ask them to remember it – let them take their time.
After a minute or two, hide the picture and ask them to list the objects in the picture.

5. Draw a Word on my Back

This game is one of a kind among different types of word games. It helps in focus development.
The first player will draw a word on the second player’s back. From the feeling of the first player’s hand, the second player will guess the word.

6. Recalling Order

It is a pretty simple card game that will sharpen your kids’ memory.
You need to show them a series of images slowly and finally ask them to recall the order of photos.
Try to use cartoonish pictures; kids love them.

7. What did you do?

This one is an excellent exercise to enhance your kids’ memory. Ask your kid to tell you about their day in a sequence. They will try to memorize their past activities, and if you ask this question regularly, it will increase their recalling mental abilities, thus improving their memory.

8. Try Spelling Bee Ninja Apps

You are reading this article on our website, and we take great pride in our numerous apps and tools which are helping kids around the world. They are helping them increase their cognitive abilities and improve their English vocabulary and spelling.
Spelling exercises are other types of word games to sharpen your kids’ memory.


Without a doubt, kids are the most unique and beautiful people in the world. Also, it would be best if you remember that the best way to teach and sharpen their minds is through games and practically fun activities.
You can select any of the discussed types of word games to teach and enhance your kids’ cognitive abilities.
Don’t forget to check out our services, fun activities, and most innovative apps – they are specially designed for your kids. Happy leaning!