Rules for Writing Numbers How to Write Numbers in Words

Rules for Writing Numbers – How to Write Numbers in Words

10 must-know rules for writing numbers that every kid must learn as soon as possible


How do we express numbers in writing? Sometimes we write 9 words, and other times we only write nine. Everyone has their style and preferences. Numbers aren’t the only thing we write in math homework and assignments. However, we use it in our everyday writing. When it comes

to writing numbers, there are a lot of regulations to follow. These regulations can be fulfilled by writing the exact format of the number.

Many rules are not standardized in the English language. This fact is true when it comes to spelling out numbers. The main point is whether one should write it in words or numerals.

Many rules lie in putting numbers in writing.

The Rules for Writing Numbers in English

We can count a few conventions that apply in any situation. When using a number, make sure to follow the special instruction style assigned to you.
Editors and proofreaders help people Identify whether you used the right format. Non-technical writing allows you to write numbers from zero to a hundred.
The prevalent style is to write out the number under ten in scientific and technical writing.

Numeral VS Numbers

Do you have any idea, What is the difference between numeral and number? A number is an abstract concept, while a numeral is a symbol used to show the number. “Four,” “4,” and “IV” is a symbol that represents a single number. It won’t be wrong to say the difference between the number and numeral is the same as between a person and his name.

Use of Comma

The comma is used to make large numbers easy to read, so if we want to write the size of Alaska, we will write it as 571,951 instead of 571951 square miles.

Spell Small Number Out

There is a concept we should spell out small numbers. If someone doesn’t do it seems like he sent an instant message. We should adopt a formal writing style in our work.

Recipes and Percentage

Now you can use digits in everyday writing. Like “Add 4 cups of rice” or “5% of the children” However, we should write 12 percent when writing formally. It depends upon the choice of writer.

Adopt Consistency in Ordinary Numbers

Try to adopt consistency in the same sentence. The teacher has 18 beginners students; she has 19 advanced students, not nineteen advanced students.

There are many exceptions while writing numbers and numerals. Rules of writing numbers can be changed with certain styles.

Best use of Numerals in Title Headings

When we write a heading or title, it is best to use a numeral rather than spelling out a word. Most titles consist of reading the top 10 rather than the top ten. This rule is also applicable when the number is the first word in the heading.

For example

  • 10 best restaurants in the USA
  • Top 5 Must-Remember Rules

Usage of Numbers for Decimals

Decimals should always be written in numerals. It is best to avoid using decimal at the start of the sentence because it seems awkward. There was 2.5 inches of rain in January, and the mountain accumulated 7.9 inches of snow yesterday.

Spell Numbers that Come Beginning of a Sentence

If the numbers come at the beginning of a sentence, they should be written out.

For instance

  • Twenty credit hours is a full-time course load in university.
  • Seventy students went on a class trip, and this year were 60.

Rules for Writing money

Money follows its own set of rules. We mostly write money in numerals, but it can be written out when the amount is vague.

Rules for Noon and Midnight

Nowadays, Spelling out midnight and noon is very common rather than writing at 12p.m; and 12 am.


  • We came home at midnight
  • I slept until noon, then went to bed again at 12 am


Once you have gotten comfortable with numbers, check what is correct to put in sentences. All of these rules should be learned and remembered when creating official documents.

You can divide the words into numbers and try out a different writing style. The style guide is always the ultimate goal for everyone. It isn’t easy to decide which to use. If you forget any
regulations, this article will assist you in resolving the issue. It will help you stay on track with your writing.

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