Spelling word games to improve kids spelling at warp speed

Improve Your Kids’ Spelling with 4 Fun Word Games

Boost your child's spelling skills with these 4 fun and engaging word games. Watch their spelling improve at warp speed with our interactive learning platform.


It is known that excellent spelling are required for better reading fluency and comprehension. The most trending question is how to improve spelling quickly, effectively and with minimum effort. The solution is clear, and it starts with something fun: SPELLING WORD GAMES.

Also, it is a tricky job to find some decent and effective games suiting your English level. The good news is that we have compiled a list of spelling word games that can help your kids spell at warp speed.

1 – Stair Steps

This game is probably the most fun for your kids, and it also helps them learn and visualize spelling at a fast pace.

You will need a whiteboard to write a word like stair steps. After enough examples, you will ask kids to do the same. For instance, the word ‘AEROPLANE’ will be written like:









The stair-like shape of the word may not look much attractive to you, but it is something else for the kids who have a more profound and beautiful imagination. Furthermore, if your kids practice it enough, they can grasp the spelling of the problematic words in no time.

2 – Spelling Circle

This game is pretty simple and requires a ball and few players.

  • You need to ask a few kids to stand in a circle – you can also participate.
  • Throw the ball to a player and say a word.
  • The next player will spell the word and for the ball, asking another word.
  • Similarly, the next player will spell the word and ask another word, and so on.
  • The player to spell wrong will sit down, and this will go on until there is only one player left.
  • If an adult is participating, it would be best to let the last kid win to encourage the team.

3 – Spelling Bee Class

Spelling bee does not require any introduction since it is one of the most popular English spelling games.

However, in this particular spelling, the teacher will ask the class to stand up and start asking random words, and the kids will spell those words.

The kids who spell wrong will keep on sitting down until only one winner is left. You can reward them with less homework or any other treat to encourage the rest of the class.

Check this article for more details on how to organize a spelling bee:

4 – Word Search Games

Word search games are puzzles created to increase the spelling learning speed of the kids.

They are an innovative approach, and you must try to develop an interest in your kids to solve these online puzzles, which are an excellent addition to spelling word games.

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All you need to do is select the puzzle game suitable for your kid’s level and ask them to find the words in the puzzle block. They can take hints from the words written at the bottom of the screen.

Final Words

Fun and exciting spelling word games are one of the most remarkable ways to enhance the cognitive capabilities of juniors to make their English spelling excellent.