The best online spelling bee training platform.

spelling bee training app

Spelling Bee Ninja (SBN) is an online spelling bee training platform catering to people of all ages.
It is one of the finest EdTech platforms out there and possibly the best platform dedicated to spelling bee enthusiasts.

Here is why SBN is the best option for you to start your spelling bee training.

Easy to use

The Spelling Bee Ninja App is an easy to use kid-friendly web-tool built and deployed by Spelling Bee Ninja.
It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and master, and is pretty straightforward when it comes to delivering the functionalities.
The platform has been built in the simplest way possible. The application is designed to be easily used by kids, parents as well as teachers. The user interface of the SBN App is clean and minimalistic. It has nothing fancy to it, but at the same time, has an attractive appeal to it that will surely draw the attention of kids and adults alike.

You do not need any tutorials to know about the functionalities of the app. Even kids around the ages of 10-12 years can easily get the hang of it once they have used it a few times.

Amazing tools, resources and features

Spelling Bee Ninja has a plethora of tools and resources for users to play with. It provides the ideal set of features that are very helpful for spelling bee training.

Here is a list of the tools, resources and features that Spelling Bee Ninja has to offer.

  • Word lists: Spelling Bee Ninja has a vast collection of spelling bee word lists ranging from grade 1 to high school level. Apart from the regular words, the platform features a collection of origin based word lists like Latin words, Spanish words, Japanese words, and so on. All these words are provided with different labels based on their difficulty levels and how often they appear in national level spelling bee competitions.
  • Custom word lists and flash cards: SBN also allows you to create your own word list. You can import words from whatever source you may like. The app also lets you create flash cards, which can be very helpful if you want to memorize spellings in the shortest possible time.
  • Word search: Lookup the word you want to learn more about. The SBN system will provide you with the word’s definition, origin, difficulty level, and other relevant information.
  • Spelling Test App and Smart Trainer: SBN’s Spelling Test App is one of the best and most efficient platforms available for spelling bee practice. The app is simple, user friendly, and easy to adapt to. It has been developed to provide kids with a fun and engaging way of learning their spellings.

You can start using the app by choosing a word list of your choice. You can even import custom word lists if you wish to.

The Smart Trainer option can be accessed directly from the Test App. It an SBN premium feature that keeps track of your progress and the words you have misspelled in the tests. The feature then reuses the misspelled words in later tests to make sure that they do not slip past your memory ever again.

Here is a quick starter guide on how you can use the Spelling Bee Ninja Test App and Smart Trainer.

Spelling Bee dedicated blog/magazine

The spelling bee is one of the toughest competitions in the world. It may seem easy for those looking at it from afar, but in reality, it is the complete opposite. Even with the best resources in the world, you might still face a lot of problems in understanding how to approach the field, which is why, SBN has a dedicated spelling bee blog that covers almost everything you need to know about the various spelling bee competitions taking place around the world, as well as various other topics and guidelines that can help you ace the competition.

The SBN blog also has a collection of ‘How to’ articles written in a step-by-step manner. These articles will show you ways in which you can reap maximum benefits from the SBN platform itself. They will also help you arrange mock spelling bee competitions at your campus, prepare a short-term study plan for the spelling bee, approach the spelling bee word lists, and so on.
In our magazine you will find, among the other, our unique and precious Spelling Bee Training manual, a full ebook containing the state of the art techniques and information to train for the next Spelling Bee.

mastering spelling bee book

Promotes a healthy competitive environment

Spelling Bee Ninja has a global ranking system which you can be a part of once you have successfully completed at least one spelling test. Then, you can compare your results with thousands of other participants from around the world.

You can see how you are doing in comparison to your peers from school and country, as well as others from around the world. SBN promotes a healthy competitive environment for spelling bee enthusiasts, something that the competition is widely known for. Such competitive mindset allows kids to keep on improving themselves and their spelling skills.

Affordable premium packages

Although the SBN App has a lot of free to use features, you will still need to purchase a premium subscriptions to gain access to all the features. This may sound expensive but it is not so. Spelling Bee Ninja has a variety of premium package options available for its users, all coming at a tiny price. The platform has a vast range of affordable premium packages. You can switch to premium for a single user or for an entire classroom. The price is really cheap so no one will be left  behind, and really a bargain given the premium features that are offered to you.

Head over to Spelling Bee Ninja and try the platform for yourself.
It is one of a kind and truly a lifesaver for all those looking to get started with your spelling bee training.