9 most popular spelling bees around the world

spelling bee of the world

Spelling bee competitions are being organized around the world every year.

These contests range from regional levels, all the way up to the national levels and then to the global level. The global spelling bee circuit has come quite far and has seen a lot of development over the past two decades.

spelling bee of the world

As young students and learners are becoming more and more interested to take part in such spelling activities, the organizers and spelling bee enthusiasts are doing everything in their power to ensure that these young souls are provided with the proper platform and guide to pursue their goals.

With these thoughts in mind, spelling bees have been established around the world. Today, we will be seeing 8 such popular spelling bees from all across the globe.

1. Scripps National Spelling Bee

national spelling bee

The Scripps National Spelling bee is the most popular spelling bee event in the whole world.
Inaugurated back in 1925, this US based spelling bee hosts participants from all over the world, with majority of these participants being from the United States.
The competition is held annually during the month of May. Participants must not be older than 14 years and they must not have passed the 8th grade.
This spelling bee is probably the most competitive one out there.
This is probably one of the reasons why 92nd Scripps National Spelling Bee ended up having 8 WINNERS, INSTEAD OF 1 (because they ran out of words)!
The Scripps National Spelling bee also endorses a few other spelling bees around the world.
It also accepts participants from other regional spelling bee competitions held in the United States.
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2. Indian Spelling Bee

indian spelling bee

The Indian Spelling Bee is one of the most popular spelling bees in the Sub-continent and the biggest spelling bee event in India. The competition is open for school kids (Grade 1 to 9).
Since India is such a vast country, the spelling bee takes place in two stages.
In the first stage, the competition is held regionally as each school is put under one of four regions (north, south, east, and west). Placeholders from these regional rounds then battle it out in the national round held in Kolkata, India. The national level spelling bee is held during the month of August.

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3. Spelling Bee of Canada

Canada spelling bee

Established back in the year 1987, the Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC) has been involved in the promotion of children and youth literacy aiming to enhance the learning experience of these youngsters.
The Spelling Bee of Canada organizes annual spelling bees for kids between the ages of 6 and 14. Registered participants are then placed into one of three categories: Primary (6 to 8 years), Junior (9 to 11 years) or, Intermediate (12 to 14 years).
Students over the ages of 14 go on to become mentors to the participants of their respective regions.
Registration for the Spelling Bee of Canada is usually available up to December. Click here to register.

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4. The Japan Spelling Bee

Japan spelling bee

The Japan Spelling Bee was established almost a decade ago in 2010. Formerly known as ‘Japan Times Bee’, this spelling bee is held annually across Japan.
The Japan Spelling Bee is the only spelling contest that is officially endorsed and recognized by the Scripps National Spelling Bee in the United States.
Registered schools hold a spelling bee within their own schools and send the champions to take part in the Japan Spelling Bee.
The winner of the Japan Spelling Bee is then sent to the Scripps National Spelling Bee finals held in Washington.
Registration deadline ends in December, with a general fee of $240.
Home schooled students are also allowed to take part in the competition. All spelling bee resources for the Japan Spelling Bee can be obtained from the Scripps National Spelling Bee website.

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5. African Spelling Bee

African spelling bee

The African Spelling Bee was established in the year 2010 by ten different spelling bee organizations from across the continent of Africa.
Ever since then, this spelling bee has been acting as a platform that brings the brightest spellers from the entire continent of Africa under one roof.
The 2019 African Spelling Bee, held in Uganda, saw the participation of 108 regional champions from 18 different African countries.
The African Spelling Bee has taken the initiative of ensuring a higher literacy rate among young learners. The spelling bee’s website claims that the competition has reached out to over 10 million learners across Africa and has impacted their lives in a very positive way.

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6. Mexican MEXTESOL Spelling Bee

Mextesol national spelling bee

MEXTESOL stands for the Mexican Association of Teachers of English, A. C. which is an academic association that aims to develop the English language (both in terms of speaking and writing) among its members as well as non-members.
The association also works for the development of teaching and research methods that involves English linguistics.
In order to expand their vision, MEXTESOL organizes the MEXTESOL Spelling Bee for students of both primary (fifth and sixth grade) as well as for secondary school students.
Each contest is limited to 50 students. These spelling bee contests are limited to schools where English is not that often used as a language or in academics. This is done to focus their efforts into the development of those school children who are deprived of proper inclusion of the English language in their curriculum.

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7. South Asian Spelling Bee

South Asian spelling bee

The South Asian Spelling Bee is an annual spelling bee organized in the United States that is open for all children coming from a South Asian descent. The contest tours the United States every June and July seeking the top spellers from a total of five cities.
The SASB competition is open to students who are 14 or younger, and who has at least one parent or grandparent from a South Asian origin, or whose lineage can be traced back to any of the South Asian countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and so on.
The event is accepting up to a hundred applications on a first come first serve basis. 20 students will be shortlisted from the original 100 applicants based on certain criteria. Finally, 12 students will be allowed to take part in the finals.
Initial applications are now live for a fee of $125.

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8. European PTA

The European Parent Teacher Association organizes this spelling bee for all DoDEA schools in Europe.
This spelling bee is also held in association with the Scripps National Spelling Bee, United States.
Students take part in this spelling bee and position holders go on to participate in the European rounds, and then winners from there go straight to Washington to join the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
Registration fee is the same as that of Scripps, i.e. $240 for general registration.

9. UNC Adult Spelling Bee

The University of North Carolina undertook the program for organizing spelling bees for adults.
That is how the UNC Adult Spelling Bee came to be!
The door to this spelling bee is open for all adults for a ticket price of just $6.
Although the spelling bee is for adults, the participants are eased into the competition just like in normal spelling bees. They start out with easy words and gradually progress to harder ones.
UNC Adult Spelling Bee allows both single participation as well as participation in teams.