7 Ways For Kindergarten Students To Memorize Spellings Easily

Make Kindergarten Spelling an easy game with these enjoyable and easy techniques suitable for kindergarten children.


Teaching spelling to kindergarteners is one of the most challenging jobs in the teaching field. Every year there is a new generation of kids, and they have to start from zero with them. Teaching kids need a unique mindset and a lot of ways that you can implement to teach them spelling. We have discussed different methods which can help you learn to spell for your kids or students. They are pretty fun methods, and kindergarten spelling will be memorized quickly.

The Seven methods

Teaching spelling can be both hectic and fun. It depends on how you tackle the task. If you take in too much stress and none of your techniques work, you might need a transformation.
However, hold on to that thought; we will discuss seven unique ways that, if followed, can help you be stress-free and your students memorize spelling easily.

1- Rainbow writing

Kids are always in love with colors. You cannot find a single kid in the United States of America who dislikes coloring. If you do, then send us a postcard.
So, for this method, you need to write each letter of the word with a different color. For example, you want to write the word “Pen.” The rainbow writing will be something like this. The letter “P” will be red, “e” will be blue, and you will write the letter “n” in a different color like orange.
Similarly, ask your students to re-write the same word with the same coloring.

2- Sand writing

Get some sand trays and provide them to your students. Now ask them to write the words on the sand. After checking the words, readjust the sand and repeat the same process.
The physical touch of sand and a new learning approach will build new interest in the kids. Furthermore, they will pay more attention and will learn quicker.

3 – Say spell say

This one is an old method for kindergarten spelling exercises. You will speak the word, then spellings, and in the end, students will reply with the same tone and spellings. Simple, right?
For instance, you want to teach them the word “Blue.” You will start with saying, ‘B’ ‘L’ ‘U’ ‘E’ “Blue”, and the class will reply with the same sound and word.

4 – Monday to Friday

This one is an exciting method to teach Kindergarten spellings easily. If you are a parent or a teacher, this method will surely help you.
On Monday, teach them four to five words and ask them to write those words down. Repeat the process five times on Monday. Similarly, four times on Tuesday and three times on Wednesday. Now, on Thursday, you will take a pre-test of those words with a promise of no final test if the students perform 100%.
We can assure you around 90% of the time; there will be no test on Friday.
This particular method has worked miracles in Kindergarten spelling activities.

5 – Spelling Bee in Class

Who does not know about Spelling Bee, right?
Here is one of the most effective Spelling Bee methods.
Ask your students to stand up because you will play a word game. Now, start saying the words and ask them to spell individually. The ones getting them wrong will sit, and those getting them right will stand. In the end, only one winner will be standing.
Why don’t you have your kids take a spelling test using our innovative spelling engine? Also check this article on how to organize a classroom spelling contest.

6 – Why choose different ways of teaching?

Like all five fingers are not equal, the same way, not all children possess the same mindset. You never know which method of memorizing the spelling will work on which kid.
Similarly, you can point out the methods and the respective kids who respond to those methods. After that, you can divide the kids into different groups and, in the end, apply the different spelling techniques to each group.

7 – Use images

This is more of a technique that can aid in memorizing the spelling. This method will use compelling images in which special cartoon characters perform certain activities concerning the desired words. In the end, the specific word will display.
You can use a projector or a screen to build kids’ interest in the specific words.

Final Words

We have discussed numerous methods which can help you teach your kids at school or home. You can apply these techniques as a parent, a guardian, or a teacher.
Furthermore, we at Spelling Bee Ninja offer a variety of courses to help your kids excel in the English language. Also, we offer numerous tools and apps to help you, kids, develop English Vocabulary and Grammar. Do not forget to check our spelling word lists for kindergarten.