100 Must know Kindergarten English words for your kid

These free spelling words will put your kid on the right path to learn English.

100 Must know Kindergarten English words for your kid


Kindergarten English words usually comprise entirely of sight words. Various words with different meanings are essential for building basic English knowledge for kids.
We will include the top 100 words that are vital and keep repeating themselves on any page of text—for instance, Who, The, He, It, etc.
If you are a parent, then you should take some time out of your schedule and teach these words to your kids – until they master them.

Why are these words important?

These words are the basic building blocks of your kindergarten kids. You must always focus on their development and play your part as a teacher and mentor.
You can print these words and put them along with the most visible spots around the house where your kid goes most. Similarly, casual games and light conversations concerning these words are excellent tricks to teach them these kindergarten English words.

Can we leave all the work to teachers?

Yes, the teachers in kindergarten classes are experts at what they do; however, you cannot leave all the work to them. It is because children have a way of learning, and each kid is different.
For some kids, learning in class might be all they need, but they may need extra care and time for others. Likewise, extra learning activities at home have proven to be much more effective than formal learning at school. Also, it would be best if you kept it casual and relaxing for youngsters. As long as kids are not overburdened, they will surprise you with results.

The 100 words

Your kindergarteners will benefit from this list of 100 words which we have gathered from various sources across the web. Moreover, it is an ideal list for your little boy or girl.

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About these words

As you can observe from the above list that the longest words contain six letters. It would be best to remember that words with more than six letters are not often included at the kindergartener level.

They are more visible and more rememberable at first glance to an adult; however, it is an entirely different story with kids.

Do you remember your home’s courtyard for when you were a kid? It seemed gigantic, right? Now look at it, and it is not very huge. The point here is that kids always interpret things as large and in a more wondrous approach.

Similarly, these small words of six letters are a huge milestone for a kindergartener. So, it would be best to teach them with patience while taking their learning capacity under consideration.

Final Words

Kindergarten English words are a list of small size words that are easy to read, learn, pronounce and remember for kids. Also, the teaching method and the tricks associated with it are the fundamental tools to help them.

The list we presented is a must-know English words list that every kindergartner must learn before progressing to the next level. Please keep visiting our website for more valuable content and teaching tips for additional support.

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