Building a Winning Spelling Strategy

winning spelling strategy

Winning at a spelling bee requires more than just memorizing.

Over the years, spelling bee champions and position holders have gone on to talk about their winning strategies. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of those strategies which you should follow if you want to ace the upcoming spelling bee.

winning spelling strategy

Write it down on your hand

When we tell you to write the words down on your hand, we are not asking you to copy entire word lists on your hands and then get on stage at the spelling bee; that is just wrong and you will be disqualified. So no, we are not asking you to do that!

But here is what you can and should do. Whenever you are asked to spell out a word, pretend to write that word down on your hand. It is much easier to recall the spelling of the respective word if you are writing it down. Now, you will not be provided with pen or paper at the spelling bee stage. Hence, you have to make use of your hands and try to retain the spelling using this technique.

Listen to the pronunciations

Read out the words aloud and let them sink inside your mind. If possible, use online spelling bee platforms (check out Spelling Bee Ninja) to help you get the accurate pronunciation of the words. Avoid using text to speech applications as these apps often fail to give you the proper pronunciation.

Difficult words on sticky notes

Whenever you come face to face with a difficult word, write it down on a sticky note using a large font and then stick it on your desk or any place else where you have a clear view of the word. This will help you imprint the words in your mind and you can visualize the spelling when you need to.

Hope you like a large crowd

How good are you at speaking in front of a large audience? If your answer is ‘not so good’, you need to try and do something about it.

As you take the stage at the spelling bee competition, you will have to speak in front of a crowd of thousands.

In addition to that, there will be hundreds of thousands of people watching from home on their televisions. Having to spell in front of such a large audience is a daunting task. In order to come out of this high pressure situation, you first need to have the confidence to get up there on that stage.

Organize mock spelling bees

Build up your confidence by regularly organizing mock spelling bee sessions at home in front of your family.
As a parent or guardian, you too should motivate your children by sparing a bit of your family time to help them work on their spelling skills as well as build confidence.
Teachers should also take the initiative of holding practice spelling sessions at school.
You need to take part in these sessions willingly, otherwise, stage fright just might get the better of you at the competition, no matter how well prepared you are with your word lists.

Time is valuable vocabulary

If you are aiming for the top of the pedestal, you must value the time you have left before the competition. Spelling bee position holders do not waste their time.

You need to do the same and get your priorities straight. Plan out your day to day activities for the month before the spelling bee kicks off. Keep track of your progress and plan accordingly for the next day or week. You are allowed to take breaks of course, but do not let these breaks get the better of you.

Behind every successful speller, there is a dictionary

When asked to share their secrets for a successful spelling bee campaign, the spelling champions of the last few years recommended participants to grow a habit of reading the dictionary. This might sound hard and redundant at first, but when you think deeply about it, it will surely start making sense.

Dictionaries contain in-depth analysis of all the words that fit in the English language including their meanings, diacritics, root words, pronunciations, and so on. Most of the words included in the dictionary are already known to you. You just need to find out the ones which seem hard.

Both Merriam Webster as well as the Oxford dictionary will serve your purpose. The spelling bee champs, however, prefer the Merriam Webster dictionary over the Oxford one.

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