Spelling Bee Manual version 1.3

spelling bee manual 1.3

We are very pleased to announce a major update of our spelling bee manual.
Mastering Spelling Bee – Win The Spelling Bee the Smart way reached version 1.3.0 and it is now available for download, and in few days it will also be on line on Amazon.

spelling bee manual 1.3

We added a good amount of new content to make our manual an even better tool for all the students preparing for the spelling bee.

In total the new version brings more than 70 pages of fresh contents, mostly coming from the requests we received from our users and readers.

A whole new section of quick practical guides related to spelling bee training and new spelling lists ready to be printed and attached to your workbooks.

The manual has now 180 pages, ready to be downloaded by everyone at its dedicated page on our website.

Section four is dedicated to practical guides and section five to Spelling lists.

Contents included in the new sections

Find below the detail of the contents added in the new section 4 and 5.

Section 4: Practical guides

4.1 Introduction
4.2 How to start your spelling bee training
4.2.1: Getting familiar with the competition itself
4.2.2: Preparing a well planned spelling bee training schedule
4.2.3: Learning the spelling bee word lists
4.2.4: Isolating the difficult words
4.2.5: Making a custom list with the isolated words
4.2.6: Using flashcards to learn the spelling bee words
4.2.7: Diving deeper into the spelling bee words with etymology
4.2.8: Trying out online spelling tests
4.2.9: Determining how prepared you are
4.3 How to increase your chances of winning the Spelling Bee
4.3.1 Use the proper resources
4.3.2 Practice makes the perfect speller
4.3.3 Train smart and give online tests to know where you stand
4.3.4 Give emphasis on the difficult words
4.3.5 Have a good rest the day prior to the event
4.3.6 Don’t get intimidated by long words
4.3.7 Don’t rush your answers if you want to win the spelling bee
4.3.8 Overcoming the fear of public speaking
4.4 SBN Spelling tools quick overview
4.4.1 The Spelling Bee Ninja website
4.4.2 – Spelling words lists
4.4.3 – Featured word lists
4.4.4 – Spelling search engine
4.4.5 – Spelling Test and Smart Trainer
4.4.6 – Error List
4.4.7 – Spelling flashcards
4.5 Words Lists and flashcards reference guide
4.5.1 Why use flashcards?
4.5.2 Redirecting to the Spelling Bee Ninja App
4.5.3 Signing in
4.5.4 Redirecting to the ‘My Spelling Lists’ section
4.5.5 Creating custom spelling words lists
4.5.6 Giving the custom word list a name
4.5.7 Entering the words in the list
4.5.8 Using the custom word list in flash cards
4.5.9 Using the custom word list in Spelling Test
4.6 Organizing a spelling bee event
4.6.1 Fixing a date
4.6.2 Choosing a venue
4.6.3 Forming a dedicated team to organize a spelling bee
4.6.4 Letting people know
4.6.5 Knowing the participants
4.6.6 Selecting a panel and announcer
4.6.7 Deciding on the competition rounds
4.6.8 Announcing a prize pool
4.6.9 Choosing the words
4.6.10 Print large flashcards
4.6.11 How the competition proceeds
4.6.12 How the answers are to be provided
4.6.13 How the winner is to be declared
Section 5: Spelling Bee Resources
5.1 Spelling Words Lists
5.1.1 1st grade Spelling Words
5.1.2 2nd grade Spelling Words
5.1.3 3rd grade Spelling Words
5.1.4 4th grade Spelling Words
5.1.5 5th grade Spelling Words
5.1.6 6th grade Spelling Words
5.1.7 7th grade Spelling Words
5.1.8 8th grade Spelling Words
5.1.9 High School grade Spelling Words
5.1.10 Very Difficult Spelling Words
5.1.11 Frequently Misspelled Words
5.1.12 Latin Words
5.1.13 Japanese Words
5.1.14 More Asian Words
5.1.15 Arabic Words
5.1.16 Spanish Words
5.1.17 Silent Words
5.1.18 Dolch Words Grade 1
5.1.19 Dolch Words Grade 2
5.1.20 Dolch Words Grade 3