Publish your spelling bee story

Are you a spelling bee champion or have you been in the past? Have a thrilling or funny spelling bee story to tell?

Spelling Bee Stories

Spelling Bee champions wanted

Are you a spelling bee champion or have you been in the past? Maybe you missed the title by a hair?
Do you have or have had a classmate that is really invincible and nobody can beat?
Have a thrilling or funny story to tell related to spelling bee contests ?
If the answer to one or more of the previous is yes, or more in general if you have a story about spelling bee that you think should be published somewhere…well, then your story deserves to be known by our audience !!! We are going to open soon a new section of the website dedicated to spelling bee stories.

We want you to tell us your spelling bee story.

Every year thousands of spelling bee contests are held by schools and organizations all around the world.
Most of the times crazy and funny things happens, check some funny moments in the video below…

sadly, most of this material is never made available to the spellers community: sometimes schools or students’ parents take videos of the event and photos that are usually published on the school’s social accounts, stay there for a little while, then they get lost.

Why spelling bee stories worth

As you probably know, as stated in our website’s headline, our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and powerful spelling bee resource kit to help students from all over the world to master spelling and win spelling bee contests.
To achieve our goal we are already providing to the community free powerful tools like
A spelling List builder and search engine
The Spelling training software
Our idea is to create a place where all of all of these tales can be collected and made available to the world, saving them from the oblivion.
Also this kind of material could become useful for spelling bee preparation, giving to the students some real life examples, analyze the most common mistakes and unexpected things that could occur while competing spelling bee.
Feel free to send us your story and we’ll be glad to publish it in the upcoming section “Spelling Bee” stories.

How to send your story

Include as more details as you can to make your story a real contribution to the spelling bee community.
If you want to remain an anonymous writer, just send us your story along with your name or nickname, without any specific reference to people or institutions.
Check out this articles to get some inspiration:

If you would like to make your detailed story public, instead: then you can consider the following checklist:

  • Introduce yourself (feel free to include all the info you would like to be published).
  • Introduce your school.
  • Contest background information, Student’s grades, type of competition etc.
  • Your and/or your school’s links like school website, social profiles and so on.
  • Participants’ grades and names.
  • The spelling list (or at least the most curious words).
  • Highlights of the competition.
  • The most curious and crazy facts that happened.
  • Very important, if you have some, send us photos, recordings and videos ( and links are very welcome).

More in general please include everything you think it would made your story a great reading.
Please write your story using a simple text editor or a word processor of your choice, like ms word or,  even better, open office, include in the document  the links to multimedia resources like audio and video recordings and be sure to provide the eventual images in high resolution.
Before publishing, of course, the article will be submitted to you for review and acceptance.
To submit your article and the related media please open a ticket by clicking this link specifying your email and “Spelling Bee Story” in the ticket category and we will provide you all the necessary instruction for sending the data.