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The Best Spelling Bee Tools: Try these Amazing Resources

What are spelling bee tools?

Spelling bee tools refer to the different apps, web-tools, word lists and any other spelling or vocabulary resource that can help you with the spelling bee. Proper use of these tools is a must if you are aiming for the championship.

Where to find the right spelling bee tools?

Although there is a vast collection of spelling bee tools and resources on the internet, not all of them are fit to serve your purpose. In order to reap maximum benefits from these tools, you need to choose the right one.

In this article, we will be discussing about these spelling bee tools and where you can find them.

1 – The Spelling Bee Ninja website 

spelling bee tools

Spelling Bee Ninja is one of the most popular EdTech platforms among spelling bee enthusiasts. The website is home to a plethora of spelling bee, and vocabulary enhancement resources such as articles, word lists, and so on. It is basically a one-stop shop catering to all your spelling and spelling bee needs

Spelling Bee Ninja is not like the everyday spelling bee tools that you see on the internet. In fact, it is an entire package of such tools and resources that have been developed to assist in the memorization and retention of the spelling bee words.

2 – Spelling words lists

spelling words lists

Every spelling bee preparation begins with a set of word lists. These lists contain words that are indispensable for your preparation. Word lists come in different difficulty levels. Usually, these word lists vary from one grade to another. The higher the grade, the more difficult the list gets. If you are truly interested in winning a spelling bee or at least making it far into the competition, you should study these word lists by heart. 

Check out the spelling bee word lists here. Proceed to a list of higher difficulty only when you are done with the one before it. Remember, word lists are the most important spelling bee tools. Put them into good use.

3 – Featured word lists

featured word lists

The featured word lists include lists composed by Spelling Bee Ninja users. The word lists in this section include Arabic words, Japanese words, Latin words, difficult SAT words, and so on. As you can tell from the examples, the featured word lists are not made for any particular grade or group. These lists should be approached once you are done with the other spelling bee word lists.

Find the SBN featured word lists here

4 – Spelling search engine

Spelling search engine

The spelling search engine can be found right at the heart of the SBN app. It functions as a search engine for all your spelling and vocabulary related queries. 

Once you enter a word in the search bar of the engine, you will be redirected to a page where you will get to see different meanings of the word, whether or not it is part of an existing word list, what percentage of spellers are able to spell it correctly, and other information related to it. 

Click here to try out this helpful spelling bee tool.

5 – Spelling Test and Smart Trainer

Spelling Test and Smart Trainer

EdTech platforms dedicated to spelling bee are some of the best tools for learning spelling. These platforms take innovative approaches that can help you learn your spellings and improve your vocabulary retention capabilities. 

The Spelling Bee Ninja app has one of the best online spelling test platforms in the world. The test app has a simple and user friendly interface. It is capable of using word lists as per your choice. Not only that, you can even set the voice and make other small changes to suit you. The spelling test feature on the SBN app is FREE OF COST! All you need to do is sign-up.

The spelling test app is also equipped with an additional feature known as the ‘smart trainer’. This smart trainer is a Spelling Bee Ninja PREMIUM FEATURE. It is used in conjunction with the error list and spelling bee lists to mould you into the perfect speller. 

Click here to find out more about these two amazing features and how to use them properly

6 – Error List

As you use the SBN Spelling Test and Smart Trainer features, you will be introduced to your error list. The error list will contain a list of misspelled spelling words. These words were misspelled at some point in your sessions with the SBN app.

Thanks to this error list, you will be able to know which words can be problematic for you. Not only that, the error list will be reusing the misspelled words in later spelling tests (with the Smart Trainer). In this way, not only will you get to know which words are difficult for you, but you will also be prompted to learn them thanks to this re-usability feature of the app.

7 – Spelling flashcards 

Spelling flashcards

Flashcards refer to cards or small pieces of paper having information written on both sides. They help in memorization and retention of useful words and phrases. Flashcards are very important when it comes to learning spellings and their corresponding meanings. Spelling bee participants use them to get acquainted with their words. 

Flash cards are able to create a mental image of the word and its meaning inside our minds. They utilize the human mind’s ability to imprint visual images on our brains. As scientific research suggests, we are able to capture something quicker if we can imprint its image inside our brain. 

Spelling Bee Ninja provides its users with the options to create such flashcards from both the existing word lists as well as from the custom word lists. 

Spelling Bee Manual

mastering spelling bee book amazon500

We at Spelling Bee Ninja have composed the Mastering Spelling Bee’ ebook to help out all you spelling bee hopefuls, both new and old, with your preparations. The book contains a brief history of the spelling bee, a preparation guide for spelling bee contests, overview on the most popular spelling bee competitions around the world, complete spelling bee word lists – from grade 1 to 8, along with additional word lists.

The book also has a comprehensive section dedicated to the SBN platform from which you can learn about the system itself, and how you can make the most out of it. The instruction manual is written and presented in a way that is easy to understand.