Mastering Spelling Bee, Table of contents

spelling bee book

As you probably know, we published an eBook containing tips and techniques to become a spelling bee master.

The title of the book is Mastering Spelling Bee: Win the spelling bee the smart way.
Our book can be downloaded from the dedicated web page.

spelling bee book

Here follows the table of contents of the current version of the manual:

Spelling Bee Basics

1.1 Introduction to the Spelling Bee
1.2 History of Spelling Bee in the USA
1.3 Brief Historical Timeline of Spelling Bee
1.4 The Scripps Spelling Bee
1.4.1 Scripps National Spelling Bee Competition Format
1.4.2 Qualifying Regional Competitions
1.4.3 National Competition Format
1.5 Popular spelling bees around the world
1.5.1 Scripps National Spelling Bee
1.5.2 South Asian Spelling Bee
1.5.3 Indian Spelling Bee
1.5.4 Spelling Bee of Canada
1.5.5 European PTA
1.5.6 UNC Adult Spelling Bee
1.5.7 The Japan Spelling Bee
1.5.8 African Spelling Bee
1.5.9 Mexican MEXTESOL Spelling Bee
Section 2: Preparing for Spelling Bee
2.2.1 Spelling Bee preparation
2.2.7 Building a Winning Strategy
2.2.2 How to spell in English Language?
2.2.3 Useful Technique to Help You Spell a Difficult Word
2.2.4 Common Spelling Rules
2.2.5 How to prepare for Spelling Bee?
2.2.6 Useful Preparation Tips
2.2.8 Practicing for Spelling Bee
2.2.9 How to face a Spelling Bee
2.2.10 Preparing for spelling bee when it’s late
2.2.11 Organize a mock spelling bee at your school

Training with Spelling Bee Ninja

Introduction to SBN
3.1.1 Spelling Bee Ninja
3.1.2 How SBN works
3.2 Using Spelling Bee Ninja
3.2.1 Starting with SBN
3.2.2 Creating an account
3.2.3 Managing your account
3.2.4 Free and paid features
3.2.4 Redeem your code
3.2.3 Creating a student Local Students Invited Students Student Profile
3.2.4 Spelling Tests Spelling test options Report Cards Error List Student statistics card Smart Trainer Learning Spelling Tests Review Spelling Tests Reset the Smart Trainer Training strategy using the smart trainer Official Spelling Tests Rankings and Certificates of Achievement How Official Spelling Tests score is calculated
3.2.5 Spelling Words lists
3.2.6 My Words section
3.2.7 Working with spelling lists Create and delete a Spelling List Viewing and Editing lists Add and import words to a list Remove words from a list Cloning a Spelling List Flash cards Take a Spelling test using a specific list Embed a list into a web page
3.2.8 Featured Lists
3.2.9 Spelling Bee Search Engine
3.2.10 Spelling Bee Word Card

Spelling Bee Resources

4.1 Spelling Words Lists
4.1.1 1st grade Spelling Words
4.1.2 2nd grade Spelling Words
4.1.3 3rd grade Spelling Words
4.1.4 4th grade Spelling Words
4.1.5 5th grade Spelling Words
4.1.6 6th grade Spelling Words
4.1.7 7th grade Spelling Words
4.1.8 8th grade Spelling Words
4.1.9 High School grade Spelling Words
4.1.10 Very Difficult Spelling Words
4.2 Spelling Bee Sheet
4.3 Spelling Bee Words Sheet
4.4 Spelling Bee Links

We are now preparing a major update of the book containing more how to, tricks, references and spelling lists.
If you want us to introduce subject in the manual don’t hesitate to get in touch through our contact us form.
The second section is completely dedicated on training using our web application, so do not forget to create your free account to accomplish the exercises proposed.