Programming Camps for Kids Where You Learn and Play at Minicoders

Minicoders’ programming camps for kids provide fun and exciting coding classes for your children in a metaverse approach.

programming camps for kids

 Advances in today’s technological era bring positive impact and great opportunities to improve the quality of education amongst kids or the younger generation. One of them is to introduce and teach coding at programming camps for kids. Children need to learn coding from an early age as a provision to face the very rapid technological era.

Minicoders’ programming camps for kids provide fun and exciting coding classes for your children in a metaverse approach. Coding is actually a programming activity that involves skills in writing computer programming languages and transforming them into the creation of new apps, online video games, online shops, and other programming platforms. Therefore, coding is one of the keys to success to compete in the future of the digital era.

Minicoders— A Play to Learn Coding in a Metaverse Manner

 Coding for kids is simply allowing them the ability to think in a structured and logical manner. Which means, through coding children will learn to understand simple algorithm concepts and solve problems in the computer programming world. Furthermore, coding might also be able to transfer kids’ hobbies of playing games into game makers. Here, kids can hone their gaming skills to produce games, at least games that are relevant to education.

This is where Minicoders comes to play. Minicoders designed coding programs for children to have educational, productive and fun experiences especially during their holidays. Minicoders is an educational software that uses a certain “play-to-learn” strategy. The main purpose of this platform is to educate young kids aged 7-12 about the basics of computer programming through video games in the form of a metaverse. In addition, this platform is also specifically designed to keep children safe, as well as allowing parents to monitor their online behavior and play.

Coding is indeed not an easy thing to understand, especially for beginners. However, it does offer significant benefits. So, what are the benefits of learning how to code in kids with Minicoders?

programming camps for kids

1 – Encourage Cognitive Development

Children will be able to enhance their cognitive abilities as they learn how to code. The cognitive aspects include the ability to solve problems, as well as to improve both logical and critical thinking skills.

2 – Increase Creativity

Learning how to code can increase children’s creativity. Thus, it encourages children to think creatively by using their imagination, especially in developing a game or application.

3 – Learn Communication Skills

Another benefit of learning coding from an early age is to train children’s communication skills. The process requires children to work in teams and collaborate. They would have to explain their ideas with the team.

4 – Stimulate Persistence, Patience, and Courage

As they learn to create apps with coding, children will also learn about persistence, patience, and courage to try something new. These soft skills are very useful as it is a good provision for living life.

programming camps for kids

5 – Have High Competitiveness

Individuals who have coding skills certainly have more value. Thus, children will have high competitiveness in the world of technology. That way, children will have better job opportunities in the future.

 2 – Learn Coding through Roblox with Minicoders

 School holidays can be meaningful for kids, especially when they enter one of the best programming camps for kids. By engaging in coding program activities at Minicoders can be the best way to fill their holidays. What’s more, Minicoders’ play-to-learn concept utilizes a game app that children are definitely familiar with— Roblox!

Roblox is a multiplayer gaming experience aimed at children and young adults. The games of Roblox are not just about a game to play, they are also a platform where young developers can make their own games virtually. Thus, Roblox games are more kid-friendly.

Therefore, one of the programming camps for kids from Minicoders offers fun and useful logic games in Roblox for various reasons:

programming camps for kids

Introduce Children to Coding

Many people, especially parents, don’t realize that Roblox is a resource for teaching coding and other related programming skills for kids. Different from other games and apps, Roblox is designed using an understandable language of coding called Lua. This language is present in the Roblox studio, an area where children are invited to design their own game creation, along with the objects and environments inside the game.

This may sound a bit complicated, however, it’s basically not as difficult as other computer programming. The Roblox Studio is meant for beginners to use a variety of game menus, mainly to place characters and even objects in the game. In fact, most children find it fun to play this way, since it involves using their own imagination. What’s more, the game menus are very easy to use.

Teach Computer Skills to Children

Nowadays, the use of the internet and technology has become a significant part of people’s lives.  Today and in the future, computer skills are needed to use operating systems, solve complex problems, and many more. Roblox will teach kids important computer skills. These include effective online communication, navigating menus, learning how to use an online-based software and apps, and also learning to do fast typing. Furthermore, Roblox is also effective in getting kids to start liking technology-based programming.

Train Entrepreneurship Skills

In addition, Roblox mostly doesn’t require paid access and it’s actually free. However, users can actually buy game upgrades, clothes, and many other things using Robux (a type of currency on the platform). However, there’s actually no need for children to buy Robux to have more access to advanced Roblox features. Thus, for children who have succeeded in building their own games, this is actually a golden opportunity. They can get other users to pay them with Robux by playing the games they create. This is a first step of entrepreneurial skills training.

programming camps for kids

Start Your Kids Journey Today with Minicoders

If your kids are interested in coding, visit Minicoders today by login to your Gmail account. Choose the package that you and your child feel comfortable with. A free trial will allow you 7 days to try out. Once the free trial is over, you will be charged according to the plan you selected.

Now, it’s time to download the Minicoders app and the Roblox app to your child’s smartphone or other devices. Hence, premium pricing starts at $4.99 per month. Minicoders programming plans are the type of programming camps for kids worth joining!
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