Top Home spelling words for home schooling startup

Top Home spelling words for home schooling startup

Learn essential home spelling words to get ahead of the competition.


Words are the building bricks of the English language, whether you speak, read or write them. Similarly, when you start homeschooling your kid, it is vital to have a clear idea of your approach. Children will learn whatever you teach them, but the results will be great if you approach it carefully and with planning.
Homeschooling has grown exponentially in the past few years. This article will shed some light on a few home spelling words essential for a kid before school. Also, we know teaching is a hectic job, especially for parents, so we will also share a few tips and tricks to handle the teaching and get the most out of it.

Home spelling words

We call them home spelling words because you will teach these words before your kids start school. Let’s look at the words, and then we will discuss how to teach them.
Following is the list of home spelling words:

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This is a well-designed shortlist of words that youngsters can easily teach at home.

How do you teach them?

Many have said that teaching is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and if you are a parent, it becomes even more difficult. Parents find it hard because they have to do it to better their kid’s education, and nobody loves children more than their parents. So, this urge to teach is much more robust in parents than teachers. However, teachers have a few tricks up their sleeves and a ton of experience, making them better at this job.
How about you learn a few of those tricks and teach your kids like a teacher in school? Of course, you cannot become a teacher, but if you can learn a few teaching methods, you can sweeten your child’s English.

Teaching methods and activities

You can teach home spelling words to your children at home by performing various activities.

  • Ask them to regularly write the most specific words that come to their minds, and then after some time, you may ask them to write the difficult ones.
  • Ask them to read the words loudly so that their pronunciations can improve along with their reading.
  • Use computer programs or apps to help them learn better.
  • Hang the list of home spelling words around the house where your kids often roam.
  • Play word games and include these words. Also, you can use flashcards to enhance their cognitive abilities along with the spelling exercise.
  • This one is the best, and if you adopt this exercise at your home, we can make sure that your kids will become great English literates. All you need to do is create a rich English-speaking environment at your home where all individuals participate. Moreover, it would help if you used the intended words in your daily conversations.

PDF, Flashcards and SBN formats

As usual for our spelling lists we do include links to pdf flash cards and tables and the list in SBN format to be used for spelling tests and classroom activities, Join our award winning app to prepare for the next spelling bee and be the next champion, or simply use it to quickly improve your spelling and English skills .

Final Words

We always emphasize the health of your children – especially mental health. It would be best if you don’t overburden them with work.
You need to keep the work and assignments load to a minimum and remember that they are kids, and it is in their nature to wonder about their surroundings and have fun playing around.
Why don’t you check out our various applications and courses, which are specially built for your kids? Also, they have yielded astonishing results for numerous people. If you want to try more difficult words here is our Must know Spelling words list.