Easily Printable Kindergarten Sight Words List For Children

Easily Printable Kindergarten Sight Words List For Children

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Since you are here going through this article, you are either a kindergarten teacher or have a kid in kindergarten. For a long time, teachers thought that the sights words were some high-frequency words that students needed to know in an instant. However, that was not true; in fact, each word that a kid knows just by looking at it is actually a sight word. This article will throw some light on the importance of Sight Words and how you can teach them to kindergarteners. Moreover, you will also be given an easily printable sight word list for children in the end.

About Sight Word – What are they?

As the name suggests, Sight words are those which your kid sees, and additionally, they are those words or bundles of words that repeat themselves on almost every page of your child’s textbook.

If you wish that your child become a great reader, it is vital to teach them sight words.

Did you know that around 55 to 75% of your children’s texts comprise sight words? Also, check out some of our innovative apps and tools which can help boost your kid’s reading abilities.

Why do you need to teach Sight Words to your kid?

Sight words are an essential and valuable tool for your kid to enhance their reading abilities. Around 75% of the words in a kindergarten text are sight words.

It is often seen that the students who excelled in sight words also produced better reading results.

Furthermore, your kid needs to learn them with each grade. For instance, kindergarten students will have a different word sheet, and when they progress to the next stage, they will have another word sheet and so on.

How do your kids learn Sight Words?

The most straightforward answer to this question is to look at the words more often. But the problem is, how do you make your kids do that?

You can start by showing them the list or hanging them at often visited spots around the home. The second and more effective way is card games and digital applications. It is known that children learn more effectively when teaching is exciting and entertaining. So, you can install a few word games and applications on your portable devices.

Furthermore, the students can perform another exercise in which they are supposed to recognize the sound of the word, look at the written word, and in the end – write it down. Here is the exercise:

  • The teacher will write the word. For example, the teacher writes “Under.”
  • Now the teacher will divide the word into separate sounding segments. For example, the words “Under” will be like “un,” “d,” and “er.”
  • Now, the students know the separate sounds that make up a word, and they also know the letters that make those sounds. The teacher will provide each student with a sound box sheet where each word segment will have an empty box. For example, there will be three blank boxes for the word “Under.”
  • Now the teacher will say the word and its segments.
  • Students will write those separate segments and fill in the boxes.

Try some of our apps and word games to see how your kids respond to them.

Kindergarten Sight Word List

Usually, there are around 52 sight words at the Kindergarten level. Here is an easily printable list of kindergarten sight words.

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If your kid can learn these 52 words, they will quickly read and understand the text. Similarly, learning sight words is a routine that can help your kid in every grade, then do not forget to check more kindergarten word lists offered by our website.

Also, the words like after, fly, and again are included in the sight word list of the first grade. With each level increase, there is an increase in the difficulty of the words.

PDF, Flashcards and SBN formats

Hera are links to the list in different formats, get it on your device and use it at home or for your class sessions, also there is a link to use the list with our spelling bee app.

Final Thoughts

English has evolved a lot since its creation. Every year numerous words are added to it. So, to be the best English reader, your kid’s language base must be strong. The base is made up of basic grammar and words. For kindergarteners, that base is the Sight Words.
These are numerous sight words lists that can be printed to enhance the reading flow of the students according to their levels:

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