Printable wordsearch game capitals of the world

Printable wordsearch game: capitals of the world

Find the words from a random block of letters by playing this puzzling Wordsearch game.


WordSearch games may be as older as English itself, or maybe they came a bit after. There is not much creativity in them, yet they are an excellent way of teaching, learning, and spreading the magic of English words to your youngsters.

In this article, you will get a brand new WordSearch game brought to you by Spelling Bee Ninja. You can skip a few paragraphs and reach the game if you know how it works. Also, if you are not familiar, please keep reading to find out various aspects of it.

How does this help?

This Wordsearch game intends to teach the kids about the world’s capitals. Every youngster needs to know about the world they live in. Similarly, when they progress through different grades, such pieces of information always come in handy to get better grades. Furthermore, it will also help their conversation experiences with their fellows or colleagues when they grow up.

What is more? We have included the names of countries and their capitals in the upcoming list.

The Wordsearch game and the word list

Following are the capital names that you need to find from a block of random letters. It would be best to remember that you can only see a word from left to right horizontally and from top to down vertically. Also, it means you must not try to make a word from bottom to top or from right to left.

The Game

Online version: Click or tap the beginning of the word then the end of the word. Printed version: Use a pencil to circle the words.
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  1. Austria – Vienna.
  2. Australia – Canberra.
  3. China – Beijing.
  4. Colombia – Bogota.
  5. Canada – Ottawa.
  6. Egypt – Cairo.
  7. France – Paris.
  8. Greece – Athens.
  9. Hungary – Budapest.
  10. Italy – Rome.
  11. Ireland- Dublin.
  12. Mexico – Mexico City.
  13. Morocco – Rabat.
  14. Norway – Oslo.
  15. Russia – Moscow.
  16. Qatar – Doha.
  17. The United Kingdom – London.
  18. Saudi Arabia – Riyadh.
  19. Germany – Berlin.
  20. Brazil – Brasilia.

In the Wordsearch game, kids need to find the above-listed capital. In doing so, achieve the following:

  • The name of a world capital.
  • The name of the country.
  • An increase in their vocabulary.
  • A spelling boost
  • An increase in their word bank.

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Keep playing this fantastic game to increase your vocabulary and concentration skills. If you have youngsters in your house, it is the best time to bookmark Spelling Bee Ninja.

Also, Wordsearch games are one of the simplest yet effective ways of learning to spell, improving memory, and boosting your cognitive abilities.

What is more? It makes your kids happy, and once they have solved a game, they are more confident about themselves.

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